Human species: the biggest threat to the animal species


Slogan über Haien

Sharks are often portrayed as human-killing machines, yet it is we humans who are inflicting pain and death upon them.

Hunted for their flesh (usually their fins), sharks are killed by the hundreds of thousands each day. Shark flesh consumption is common in countries in Asia, and also consumed in some Scandinavian and African countries. Shark fin soup has been stated as the primary reason the numbers are so high, as it is seen as a delicacy, in comparison to the flesh from the remaining body.

karikatur über Haienjpg

Many of the individuals that are caught have their fins removed whilst still at sea, and are dumped back into the ocean. They will either die from lack of oxygen due to not being able to move to filter the water through their gills, or are eaten by other fish that have found them defenseless at the bottom of the ocean.

hai ohne flossen

Despite being banned in many countries, sharks are still being killed at a higher rate than their population growth, meaning that the number of these individuals worldwide is still decreasing.

They aren’t a threat to us—we are a threat to them.

Anonymous for the Voiceless

…We are not only a threat to the sharks.
We are a danger to the entire planet.
Or rather, as Nitzsche put it: “The earth has a skin; and this skin has diseases. One of these diseases, for example, is called “human.”

Berst regards to all, Venus

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