Day: September 12, 2019

Havasupai Trail: systemic horse and mule suffering




For years, eyewitnesses have reported the neglect and deaths of horses used for packing tourist gear along the Havasupai trail in the Grand Canyon. The latest complaint describes a dead horse simply discarded in the middle of the trail in August 2019.

Most tourists headed to the Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon go there to hike, explore, and take in the beauty of the area. But for years, they have been reporting the beating and suffering of horses and mules used for packing along the trail—some even collapsing and dying, including two just this summer.

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New PETA eyewitness footage shows that this is systemic abuse. Animals were seen being forced to carry heavy loads up and down steep trails—at as much as a 19-degree incline—in all weather extremes, sometimes slipping and even reportedly falling over the edge.


PETA eyewitnesses saw horses whipped and mules slipping on the icy, muddy trail, and many animals were left sweating and panting from the arduous journey.


Suffering and Neglect off the Trail

PETA eyewitnesses found horses and mules with sores and scars, while others limped or had overgrown hooves. Some were obviously underweight, including a young horse whose ribs were visible.

Many were confined to pens littered with trash, while others were tethered without any shelter. One horse on a 4-foot-long tether was apparently left without water on three consecutive days.

A Grueling, Sometimes Fatal Trek

Wranglers forced the animals to carry heavy loads of tourist gear up and down a grueling 2,450-foot climb at an incline of up to 19 degrees. Sometimes loud music was played for the amusement of the wranglers, causing the animals even more distress.


The Animal Suffering Is Systemic

Along with recent reports of animal suffering on the trail, PETA’s footage shows that this is a systemic issue in need of immediate attention.

In May, an eyewitness reported seeing a young horse collapse and die after being forced to carry an oversized load while apparently suffering from heat exhaustion. Just weeks later, another hiker reported that a horse collapsed but was forced to continue the grueling trek anyway. Others were reported having scars and looking exhausted.

In August, a dead horse was simply discarded in the middle of the trail. We may never know what happened, what suffering she endured, and why her body was unceremoniously abandoned.

And I mean...If you are looking for adventure and want to explore nature, you have to move your ass yourself and carry your own baggage.
That will be some fat nature lovers do well anyway, because only so can burn some calories. Enjoy nature on suffering and blood of other beings is not a nature adventure, it is bloody sport! That means a sports variety for brain-sick and mentally weak proletarians.

My best regards to all, Venus


India: Brilliant ! – Mother Dog Helps Animal Aid Unlimited Rescuers Save Her Puppies.


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This frantic mother dog’s love of her puppies has her digging with paws, biting at stones and tearing at the rubble to free her buried babies who are trapped after a house collapsed in the rain.

When Animal Aid’s rescuers arrived, they feared the puppies might not be alive, but their Mama must have been able to hear them or sense that they were still alive and she was determined to tell us so.

Every minute was precious and she seemed to realize that they could suffocate at any moment. You’ll never forget this incredible portrait of a blissful rescue and a mother’s unstoppable love.

For a mother, nothing is more important than the safety of her children.

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England: Bovine TB Up By 130% – Higher Than When Badger Culls Began. Badgers Being Killed To Pacify Farmers; While They Take No Responsibility for Biosecurity.


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Bovine tuberculosis rates in one of England’s main badger cull areas shot up by 130 per cent last year and are higher than when culls began, it has been revealed – just hours before the government is due to announce an expansion of the cull.

Experts including vets and former government advisers called for the planned cull widening to be cancelled, warning that announcing it while Parliament was prorogued could be illegal.

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Last year’s increase in TB rates demonstrated a “disastrous failure” of the policy of shooting badgers dead in an effort to tackle the disease in cattle, they said.

And in an urgent eleventh-hour plea, they also wrote to the government’s chief veterinary officer, Christine Middlemiss, saying she has “a responsibility” to intervene.

Plans to expand the badger cull were based on outdated information – from 2017 – but the new, 2018 statistics should be taken into account, said Iain McGill, a former government agriculture scientist.

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Opponents of the cull claim up to 50,000 badgers could be killed this year if the expansion goes ahead – nearly double the number last year.

Official data obtained under Freedom of Information laws showed confirmed incidents of bovine TB in the Gloucestershire culling zone went up by 130 per cent over 2017, from 10 to 23.

Since pilots of culling began in Gloucestershire in 2013, the badger population in the area has dropped sharply, so the increased TB outbreaks suggest the government is focusing on the wrong issue, Dr McGill told The Independent. He believes culling should be replaced by changes to cattle testing, and cattle vaccination and treatment.

The experts wrote to Tony Juniper, the head of Natural England, which issues licences, that up to a quarter – 9,000 – of badgers shot are likely to have suffered “immense pain”.

Dr McGill, the lead signatory of the letter to Natural England, said: “After all this brutality, TB in cattle is actually worse. Badger culling has been a disastrous failure.

“The public will be flabbergasted by these figures because the vast majority don’t support culling in view of the extremely strong scientific evidence that it hasn’t worked.

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“I think what’s going on is a scientific fraud.”

When he later asked for figures on TB prevalence – a more powerful indicator – officials at the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) refused to give it, citing public interest, Dr McGill said.

“They are trying to force through this badger cull before a full analysis of available data precisely because they know how bad the science looks for this cataclysmic policy.

“There is a huge sense of urgency here – Mr Juniper and Christine Middlemiss need to come before Parliament and the nation to make a statement on this policy before Parliament is prorogued.

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“For the cull to be announced this year with no parliamentary scrutiny would be unconstitutional and possibly illegal.”

Dominic Dyer, chief executive of the Badger Trust, has also called for the “largest destruction of a protected species” to be cancelled while Parliament is not sitting.

“By the time it returns most of the badgers will have been killed,” he said.

Prof Ranald Munro, the former chairman of an independent expert group appointed by the government to assess the trials, has warned the policy is causing “huge suffering”.

A Defra spokesperson said: “Bovine TB remains one of the greatest animal health threats to the UK, causing devastation for hard-working farmers and rural communities.

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“There is no single measure that will provide an easy answer to beating the disease. That is why we are pursuing a range of interventions to eradicate the disease by 2038, including tighter cattle movement controls, regular testing and vaccinations.”

The government says it is considering a report of a TB strategy review led by Sir Charles Godfray, which includes badger vaccination, and will publish its response later this year.

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Hero Brian May:


… and here is my live exports campaigner friend Trudi (centre) pictured with Brian May ……………..


Trudi with Brian

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Indonesia: Urgent Appeal – Fire In Forests of Orangutan Foundation Facilities. Can You Donate to Help ?



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WAV Comment – Every time we do a food shop, some of our costs are donated to BOSF – it is an organisation that is part of us.  Please help if you can to save these magnificent animals and their habitat from the fires of the forests.  Thanks – Mark


Fires have once again ravaged Central Kalimantan’s peat forests, including the working area of the BOS Foundation’s Mawas Conservation Program in Kapuas District. Recent forest fires have scorched the Mawas area in the vicinity of Tuanan and Sei Mantangai – near Danau Teloh area.

Fire first struck the Daha River Basin, near the Tuanan Research Station, on 2 September 2019. The Mawas team received vital information about the fire from the team at Tuanan and the firefighting team from Mangkutub village. It is speculated that the fire started in a local villager-owned field and spread from there to the Tuanan Research Camp area, specifically to the southern area of the Daha River, about 250 meters from the South Transect.

Significant measures were previously put in place to help prevent fires and expedite rapid response to forest fire outbreaks in this area. However, the challenges forest fires present are often overwhelming, and the minimal infrastructure and limited access to the hotspots makes fighting them incredibly difficult. Unfortunately, a long dry season and insufficient water sources have led to extensive areas of forest being lost to fire.

The team on location has already reported the situation to the relevant authorities, including the Government Fire Brigade, the Protection Forest Management Unit (KPHL), the police, and the military. But, due to the widespread occurrence of forest fires across Indonesia at present, support has yet to come from these agencies, as their personnel are currently mobilized in other areas.

Over the last four days, the Mawas firefighters and the Tuanan camp research team have been fighting fires by isolating the burned areas and drilling new wells to help douse the surrounding grounds. Our Mawas team and the firefighting team from Mangkutub village worked hand-in-hand to drill the ground and successfully completed digging six new wells in the area. The team then used water siphoned from the wells to stop the flames from spreading. 


Forest fires are raging near the Tuanan Research Camp, putting orangutans, other wildlife, and humans in imminent danger!

The centre of this recent fire outbreak is located in the Mawas Conservation Area in Central Kalimantan, home to thousands of plant and animal species, including around 2,550 wild orangutans.
The Mawas firefighting and research teams are working tirelessly to contain the fire, by isolating scorched areas and drilling new wells to help douse the surrounding grounds.

Read more about the current threat of fires in this area.

We are heartbroken by what is happening right now – and you might feel powerless, Mark. But, there is way you can help!

Donate to support our teams that are right now battling these fires, and help us build the technical capacity to protect these forests in the future.


Donate Now

Your help is urgently needed – please support our emergency forest fire appeal today.

Thank you so much for your support during this emergency!


Dr. Jamartin Sihite 
CEO of BOS Foundation