Indonesia: Urgent Appeal – Fire In Forests of Orangutan Foundation Facilities. Can You Donate to Help ?



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WAV Comment – Every time we do a food shop, some of our costs are donated to BOSF – it is an organisation that is part of us.  Please help if you can to save these magnificent animals and their habitat from the fires of the forests.  Thanks – Mark


Fires have once again ravaged Central Kalimantan’s peat forests, including the working area of the BOS Foundation’s Mawas Conservation Program in Kapuas District. Recent forest fires have scorched the Mawas area in the vicinity of Tuanan and Sei Mantangai – near Danau Teloh area.

Fire first struck the Daha River Basin, near the Tuanan Research Station, on 2 September 2019. The Mawas team received vital information about the fire from the team at Tuanan and the firefighting team from Mangkutub village. It is speculated that the fire started in a local villager-owned field and spread from there to the Tuanan Research Camp area, specifically to the southern area of the Daha River, about 250 meters from the South Transect.

Significant measures were previously put in place to help prevent fires and expedite rapid response to forest fire outbreaks in this area. However, the challenges forest fires present are often overwhelming, and the minimal infrastructure and limited access to the hotspots makes fighting them incredibly difficult. Unfortunately, a long dry season and insufficient water sources have led to extensive areas of forest being lost to fire.

The team on location has already reported the situation to the relevant authorities, including the Government Fire Brigade, the Protection Forest Management Unit (KPHL), the police, and the military. But, due to the widespread occurrence of forest fires across Indonesia at present, support has yet to come from these agencies, as their personnel are currently mobilized in other areas.

Over the last four days, the Mawas firefighters and the Tuanan camp research team have been fighting fires by isolating the burned areas and drilling new wells to help douse the surrounding grounds. Our Mawas team and the firefighting team from Mangkutub village worked hand-in-hand to drill the ground and successfully completed digging six new wells in the area. The team then used water siphoned from the wells to stop the flames from spreading. 


Forest fires are raging near the Tuanan Research Camp, putting orangutans, other wildlife, and humans in imminent danger!

The centre of this recent fire outbreak is located in the Mawas Conservation Area in Central Kalimantan, home to thousands of plant and animal species, including around 2,550 wild orangutans.
The Mawas firefighting and research teams are working tirelessly to contain the fire, by isolating scorched areas and drilling new wells to help douse the surrounding grounds.

Read more about the current threat of fires in this area.

We are heartbroken by what is happening right now – and you might feel powerless, Mark. But, there is way you can help!

Donate to support our teams that are right now battling these fires, and help us build the technical capacity to protect these forests in the future.


Donate Now

Your help is urgently needed – please support our emergency forest fire appeal today.

Thank you so much for your support during this emergency!


Dr. Jamartin Sihite 
CEO of BOS Foundation 





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