Day: September 21, 2019

Spain: medieval animal abuse practices!


Images recorded with a camera hidden by Animal Equalia, show the wild abuse of animals in a slaughterhouse in Madrid.

Another example of what the industry considers “exceptional”, but that really happens every day everywhere. The “animal welfare” of advertising is nothing but covert abuse.

The lambs go in line. They resist death, but there is not much to do. An operator jumps on them to accelerate the chain. In another part, several sheep are thrown into the air. Metal doors are slammed shut. Blood.
These are some of the images recorded with a hidden camera in a slaughterhouse in Villarejo de Salvanés, in the Community of Madrid.

horror schlachthof madridpg

The images are eloquent: lambs thrown, kicked and beaten. A worker is repeatedly thrown over. Some, who do not have standing, go to the production chain, ready to consume. This is the slaughterhouse Cárnicas Salvanés SL, according to images provided to this newspaper by the Equalia association, which filed a criminal complaint on Monday in the courts of Leganés against this business for violating European animal welfare law and finding anomalies in hygiene of the facilities. The company denies the accusations.

The video begins with a drone image that places the slaughterhouse. It is in Villarejo de Salvanés, southeast of the region, and it is a family business run by three brothers and where lambs, sheep, goats and cows are slaughtered and subsequently consumed in the Madrid region and in areas of Toledo.

In the video, the slaughterers appear putting in the slaughter line sick lambs that “barely stand up”. Small sheep that are thrown alive, thrown over the rest of the flock, which remains confined in corrals full of fleas and feces. “It is a risk to public health,” denounced from Equalia, an organization that has disseminated the images.

spanien horror schlachthofjpg

The company had the Halal certificate until the beginning of 2019. This means that, within the same slaughterhouse, lots are made when sacrificing the animals: depending on the client, they are stunned or not (when the Islamic rite is followed). During this year, all animals without exception of Cárnicas Salvanés SL had to have been stunned to avoid unnecessary suffering.

David Herrero, spokesman for the organization Animal Equality, explains to the Public that, although it cannot be generalized, this is an example of how community regulations are breached in slaughterhouses in Spain. So, it is not the first time that Equalia manages to enter the opaque walls of the meat industry.

horror bilder madridpg

The diffused images show sheep that do not stand up or are sick, and are taken to the conveyor belt to enter the bleeding zone. One of them was filmed dying the night before. “It took ten hours until she was taken to the killing area,” explained Herrero.
The law contemplates that an animal that cannot walk will not be dragged or transported to the place of killing, and will be sacrificed in the same place where it is, without moving it or, of course, throwing it.

Madrid Horror Schlachthof 2

In fact, it can be seen that some of the animals agonize while, hanging, they bleed along with the rest of the herd. “One of them became fully aware until half an hour,” they say from Equalia.

This newspaper has tried to contact unsuccessfully with the company Cárnicas Salvanés S.L. to know its version of the facts.

My comment: Almost all the media in Spain report about it, but even in Germany this hell has caused great rage among civilized people. How has the human species degenerated so much and treats animals so primitive and sadistic still today, in the 21st century?
I have no answer but I found a good comment about it in RT, it is in Spanish but the translation was easy to do:

The comment: “Los españoles son unos malparidos (excluyendo a mi abuelo), leyendo a Fray Bartolomé de las Casas me enteré de la manera tan cruel que masacraron a los naturales de América, se estima que el genocidio mas grande en la historia de la humanidad lo realizaron estos degenerados.
Solo en ese país podían nacer las corridas de toros, las peleas de gallos, las cruzadas y la Inquisición”.

Translation: The Spaniards are spoiled (excluding my grandfather), reading Fray Bartolomé de las Casas I learned in such a cruel way that they massacred the natives of America, it is estimated that the greatest genocide in the history of mankind was made by these degenerated.
Only in that country could bullfights, cockfights, crusades and the Inquisition be born.

Best regards to all, Venus

The animal rights movement is getting stronger




New Zealand. In New Zealand, animal rights activists have stood in front of a meat shelf and thus blocked access to the goods. They blocked the shelf so customers could not buy meat. The vegan activists protested completely in black and taped their mouths shut. In addition, they held signs saying, “Stop eating animals” or “It’s not food, it’s violence.” Only the police were able to escort the troops from the supermarket.

A member of the DirectAction Everywhere group filmed the action.

The video is now on YouTube:

In the video, a man is heard saying angrily, “Go away, you disgust me” !!!

When the police are finally called, protesters decide to leave while shouting,

“It’s not food, it’s violence.”

And we mean: We thank the active and courageous activists.

Anyone who has taken part in any such or similar action knows that there will always be aggression, insults, and often even physical violence, but over the years we’ve gotten so “thick skin” that we do not care.
Bei the way, the voice that shouted, “go away, you disgust me” is the rage against those who hold the mirror of truth in front the face of the meat consumers in the supermarket.
Because most people know the truth, but a confrontation with it would mean that they finally have to act right and stop eating animals.

In the end, and when the activists are led out by the police, the meat-eaters will buy nevertheless their meat, but any direct action against the empire of Carnismus will lead more and more people to stop eating animals.
Then this system would cease to exist.

Without demand, no meat.

My best regards to all, Venus