USA: Cassie and California – First State to Ban Fur. A Message.





A message from Cassie – fur activist – great person !!

Hi Mark,

The California fur ban just passed its final vote in the full Senate! Now, all we need is for the governor to sign the bill and California will officially become the first state in the US to ban the sale of fur. I wonder who’s going to be next? And the fur industry is wondering the same thing. They can see the writing on the wall and they know that the momentum from this victory can lead to the end of the cruel fur trade around the whole world. Let’s make sure we don’t let them down.

Share this victory video to show the world the power of the grassroots (and the fur industry’s ridiculous responses when confronted with the truth) 

DxE is showing the world the secrets that animal abusing companies want to keep hidden, and it’s leading to concrete change. We need your help to capitalize on this momentum and continue exposing the truth to create change. Right now, each new monthly donor – at any amount – is getting DxE a $100 match. If you or anyone you know can become a member, now is a perfect time!

Thank you,




you did it 2











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