US: In 2035 it is over with toxicity test to animals




The Netherlands is making the case, now the US is slowing down: by 2035, toxicity testing on mammals should be completely replaced by reliable animal-free methods. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Chairman Andrew R. Wheeler has now released a new policy that the nationwide association Doctors Against Animal Experiments e.V.

Hunde. test bankjpeg

Already in recent years, the US has been working increasingly on new and animal-free methods. This is now to be expanded strategically: a working group consisting of experts in the field of innovative, animal-free methods should develop a comprehensive plan within the next 6 months as to how this goal can be achieved.

From 01.01.2035, toxicity tests on animals should be prohibited and only possible in exceptional cases.

Affen angehängt Labor_n

Both the existing and the new methods can “lead to the same or better biological prediction in a shorter time frame with fewer resources than the currently used animal models”, the directive states. Of course, this takes place in compliance with all necessary safety levels for people and the environment. The EPA promotes the research of animal-free methods while reducing the funding of animal experiments from taxpayers by 2025 by 30% or complete deletion from 2035.

Afe im Laborstuhl n

As early as 2016, the Netherlands came up with a comprehensive plan to complete the replacement of regulatory safety tests for chemicals, food additives, pesticides, animal and human health products by 2025.

The fact that the US is developing a concrete exit plan is another great pleasure for Dipl.-Biologist Julia Radzwill of Doctors Against Animal Experiments: “If a country like the US, which has so many scientific innovations, develops an exit plan, this is an important signal and measures the animal-free methods finally the meaning they deserve – scientific and ethical. “

“Although studies show that results from animal testing on humans are not transferable and that human-based methods are not only reliable but also more cost-effective and deliver more results in less time, in Germany more than 99% of the funding is still in the ‘animal experimentation’ system. Invested incorrectly, ” explains biologist Radzwill.

Even if 16 years to complete implementation according to the medical association is a much too long period, in the US, in contrast to Germany, at least a specific date is envisaged and shortly a scientifically sound implementation plan is available.

Labortesthunde für Zigaretten.o

Doctors against animal testing calls for a rethinking of the Federal Government in Germany, so that Germany does not miss the turn from a long-obsolete system to a future-oriented and human-based research.

My comment: The pharmaceutical industry predominantly carries out animal experiments. Today we know that there is a mafia behind the laboratory experiments.
Organized crime accounts for about $ 2 trillion a year. More than a trillion dollars is spent on drugs worldwide.
The 30 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world generate a turnover of 600 billion dollars! All are in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO)
The best thing that can happen to big pharmaceutical companies is the millions of paid collaboration with WHO: a dangerous network, and a lucrative friendship!
“The richest man is always the one who has the most powerful friends”.

The number of animal experiments is steadily increasing in Germany. They suffer from pharmaceutical industry institutes, universities and, last but not least, contract laboratories that poison thousands of primates, dogs and all sorts of animals a year for profit.

There is not only, but especially in Germany a popular combination of capital, state and lobbyists working with any industry that benefits from animal suffering. Recognizable how EU laws etc. are ignored and even broken. Recognizable also due to the poor implementation of the EU animal welfare law.
The catastrophe continues to grow with the help of politicians who make corporations more powerful and people more stupid.

Therefore, if animal experiments are abolished even in poorer countries, Germany will become the last country.




My best regards to all, Venus

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