Germany: strongest agricultural lobby in Europe


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“Poultry meat is popular. And rightly so. Because in addition to enjoyable taste experiences, poultry meat provides many important nutrients that make it particularly valuable for a balanced diet, “said the German poultry industry.


Despite all the criticisms and scandals, the global meat market continues to grow. Particularly popular are the antibiotics-fed chicken. At the Oktoberfest in Munich alone 510,000 whole chickens are sold.
In Germany, more than 90 million chickens are kept for egg production a year, producing about 12 billion eggs. The animals are reared within 32 days, from hatching to slaughter, and then slaughtered in the chord. These are chickens that vegetate in tons of fecal matter, in stalls that are too narrow.

Sterbende HÜhner

“Wiesenhof” wants to kill 240,000 chickens a day in his abattoir in Brandenburg alone.
“Meat is one of the most important drivers of growth in Europe,” says lobbyist and EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan, and he also funds this industry with millions of dollars in taxpayer money. Meat consumption should be even further boosted. The production of poultry meat is expected to increase above average until 2027. Despite all the scandals and criticism, the meat industry breeds and kills more chickens than ever!
German Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner also supports the agricultural lobby. Although a new animal welfare label was presented, but who should check the husbandry form?

Because it’s time, we already have Chinese standards in animal welfare!

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If consumers knew how chickens are bred, they would never eat their meat again!

Crushed, kicked, and disposed of alive – in Germany live 99% of all broiler chickens in holdings with over 10,000 animals.
In Germany, 30 million chickens die each year before slaughter due to poor housing conditions.

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Not only the animals suffer terrible torments, also the human being is affected. According to a recent report, the practices of intensive chicken production contribute to the increase in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria that are transmissible from animals to humans, such as Campylobacter, Salmonella and E. coli.
For decades, factory owners have been pumping antibiotics into the animals to make up for inhuman and disease-causing conditions.

Now fight back bacteria. This is extremely worrying as the number of serious infections with E. coli is at record levels and increasing from year to year. E. coli is by far the most common cause of urinary tract infection and dangerous human blood poisoning, and it can also cause meningitis. These infections can be fatal if they do not respond to antibiotics.

Yet, for the ten-year period 2017-2027, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) forecast global meat production growth. Front-runner is 2027 poultry meat with a market share of 38 percent of total meat production !!

In Germany live about 94 million chickens for chicken production. In the short-mast, the chickens are already slaughtered after 28 to 30 days of life with about 1.5 kg body weight.
Groups of 10,000 or more animals are common in the individual fattening stables, often there are up to 40,000 animals in a fattening facility.

verletzte Hühnerpg

Often the animals, in despair, peck each other so hard that they bleed and sometimes even kill each other. The immense density makes the life of animals a torture.
In most cases, the animals have no access to fresh air, because the haunted by overwhelming ammonia stench halls are fully automated and vented.
Due to poor husbandry conditions, the mortality rate of chickens is particularly high.
There is little or no veterinary help.

Elterntierhaltung/ Wimex

Workers clean the halls of dead animals every day.
To keep the chickens moving as little as possible, they are mostly kept in dim light.

At the slaughterhouse

The transport to the slaughterhouse begins with kicks and punches of the catcher squads. Animals are grabbed by the legs and thrown into the pits. Very often break wings or legs.


With each slaughter, and according to the German animal protection law applies: Animals may never be killed without previous and appropriate stunning.

In poultry, especially in electrical stunning methods, the required fixation of the poultry may be relevant to animal welfare because, especially when hanging heavier animals in the area of ​​the stand, a high pressure is usually built up.
In electric water bath stunning systems, however, the current flows in parallel through the animals simultaneously. In this arrangement, due to different resistances of the animals flows also different current through in the animals, and therefore, some animals show signs of poor anesthesia.

Chicken.j in Akkordpg

Several scientists point out that malnutrition in the slaughter of chickens routinely occur and cause the animals to suffer unimaginably.

The affected animals are then – hanging upside down on hooks – consciously slashed the throat with a knife.
However, some of the animals manage to avoid the throat-cutting by panicking. They are then usually the complete head separated – also without anesthesia.


My comment: And the following undercover investigation (video) of the SOKO Animal Welfare Association will undo the illusions of those who believe in the fairy tale of organic animal husbandry, buy this chicken meat with a clear conscience, and pay extra like idiots for animal cruelty from organic farms! !!


In Germany, 50 million male chicks are gassed annually just because they have the wrong sex. Even so, the undercover investigation proves that many thousands of female animals are also cruelly disposed of, simply because too many of them were produced, although that is forbidden.

When it comes to cutting costs and maximizing profits, the meat mafia knows no laws and no rules.

For the Dachau of the animals is the meat mafia, but especially their helpers, the meat consumers, guilty.

My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. Humanity is the only villain on this planet: it is the only one who invented and practiced: wars, the kill-religions, the kill-science , the kill- industry, the kill-sports. money.Homo sapiens deserve to be extincted.That is only way for liberation all Eartlings.Or for all people to become truly vegan.


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