Foie Gras: Check Out More From Jessica At

We had a very nice e mail from Jessica this morning (21/8) who is a student working on a college journalism capstone project.  Jessica’s aim is to build awareness on the immense suffering caused in the Foie Gras production process.

Jessica says to us: 

I’m writing to you because I want to help prevent the suffering of ducks and geese in inhumane food production.

We have immediately sent on all of Jessica’s info to our friends at CIWF in London –  and also provided Jessica with their Foie Gras website link;  so that she may get extra info here.  Philip, the CEO (and personal friend) at CIWF has come back and informed us that a team member will be providing further assistance.

In the meantime, you can check out Jessica’s Foie Gras site by clicking on the following links;

It is great site Jessica; and hopefully you can build even further using the data that will be provided by Philip and the crew at CIWF.

Regards Mark

Venus Additional Notes:

Germany and another 15 member states of the EU prohibit the production of foie gras, as do Switzerland, Great Britain, Australia, India and Argentina.

But this raises the question of how EU policy can justify the fact that in the case of such cruelty to animals, importation and sale are permitted.

It is forbidden to “produce” foie gras in each of these countries above, but it does not contribute to the avoidance of animal suffering, because that only leads to the “outsourcing” of the suffering to other countries.

The Israeli Supreme Court has outlawed the production of foie gras since 2005 due to its incompatibility with the Animal Welfare Act.

In Chicago, the production and sale of foie gras is completely banned.

In 2012 Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a ban on the production and sale of the “delicacy” for California, which was finally confirmed by a court in September 2017.

In the opinion of many lawyers, the “production” of duck and foie gras violates EU Directive 98 / 58CE, which deals with the protection of animals on breeding farms and states, among other things: The way feeding and watering must not cause unnecessary suffering or harm to the animals. “

From a medical point of view, a fatty liver (steatosis hepatis) is a pathologically altered organ of a deliberately made sick animal which, according to hygiene regulations, should not be offered for human consumption.

For this reason, PETA has filed numerous complaints against star chefs and restaurants with several public prosecutors throughout Germany because foie gras violates the Food, Consumer Goods and Feed Act as well as the meat hygiene ordinance.

The French Ministry of Agriculture announced in January 2008 that the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which causes botulism (food poisoning), has been found in French duck foie gras.

The foie gras came from the Montfort company. The product was withdrawn from the market and the manufacturers were warned.

After the outbreak of a bird flu epidemic in November 2015, many countries decided, including Japan, China and Morocco, for safety reasons no longer import foie gras from France for the time being.

The slump in exports led the producers into a crisis, which the government tried to cushion with a month-long production stop instead of consequently phasing out production completely. In 2017, the rampant avian flu again led to mass killing of birds in France and a 40% decrease in the “production” of foie gras there. (Info, PETA)

Our past links on the disgusting abusive issue of Foie Gras:

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