USA: the Mengele’s of the Primate Center in Wisconsin

For six months, PETA USA covertly investigated at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC).

It is one of the most famous primate laboratories in the United States, which keeps nearly 2,000 monkeys in barren steel cages and bleak, windowless rooms. The investigation shows: The highly intelligent animals were grossly neglected, driven insane by the extreme conditions of their captivity, and attacked by traumatized conspecifics.

Baby monkey Cocoa was attacked by a stressed adult monkey who made deep, painful cuts on his face.

Monkeys at WNPRC spend every day and every night locked inside barren metal cages. They never feel the warmth of the sun on their backs or the earth beneath their feet. Stripped of their autonomy, they’re unable to make decisions regarding the most basic aspects of their lives. Constant, unremitting captivity causes these smart, sensitive animals extreme psychological distress, leading some to injure each other and themselves.

Incompatible animals were forced to live together in just a few square feet of space, and a monkey named Ellie lost part of her ear in a fight with a cage mate. A baby monkey named Cocoa by PETA’s investigators was attacked by a stressed adult macaque. Little Cocoa had deep cuts on her face that had not healed properly even months later.

The fingers, toes, or tails of many monkeys were so badly injured that some of them had to be amputated. One employee said some of the animals were kept solitary “because they are assholes who do not contract with the others”!!

Macaques roam wide grasslands and lush forests in their natural habitat. In the test laboratory of the WNPRC, however, they ran back and forth or in circles, screaming loudly.

One frustrated monkey, known only as r12050, mutilated his own leg down to the muscle. With nothing to occupy his mind, he picked and scratched compulsively at the open wound.

The macaque lady Princess was apparently so desperate that she pulled her hair out. However, it continued to be used as a birthing machine.

Many suffering animals tore the hair out of themselves and other monkeys in desperation. The macaque lady Princess had apparently pulled out almost all of her hair and was still being used as a birthing machine.
Her babies were taken from her so that the experimenters could torture and then kill them.

Macaque mothers had to give birth to their babies alone in desolate wire-floor cages without help. Some young animals, including Turnip and Cora, were housed in an empty basement. Cora’s mother was reportedly killed during a cesarean section.

At the WNPRC, caring macaque mothers have to give birth all by themselves in wire-bottomed cages. Their babies were taken away from them as early as the first year.

If mother and child are separated, the animals scream in despair and defecate in panic.
Some young animals were locked in a bare cellar. As “occupation” they only had one stuffed animal.

A mother appeared to give birth to a dead child. Then she ran in circles as if out of her mind.

When they weren’t being simply warehoused, animals were used in painful procedures and experiments.

Workers euphemistically referred to certain monkeys as “semen donors,” but they had certainly not volunteered for the painful process. Typically, the monkeys are fitted with metal collars, and workers use poles that fasten onto the collars to pull them out of their cages by the neck.

The monkeys are then strapped into a restraint chair, then the experimenters electrocuted their penis until the monkeys ejaculated.

Another supervisor revealed that an employee was “a little too rough” with a silky monkey and broke his leg.

Many different types of experiments were being carried out at this facility. One experimenter bred monkeys infected with Zika and simian immunodeficiency virus, which is similar to HIV. Infant macaques were deprived of food overnight for “cognitive testing” and cried endlessly when separated from their companions.

A supervisor said that experimenters attempted to infect marmosets—small, delicate monkeys—with COVID-19 but that “nothing happened.” (!!!)

Several monkeys – including a mother with her boy in her arms – escaped in the hallways when the employees let them out of the metal transport boxes. They hid under cages.

With your signature, please ask those responsible to close the primate laboratory and no longer carry out these cruel experiments.

Please sign the petition:

And I mean…The main problem is that this shit is financed with our money.
Anyone who says animals don’t suffer in experiments is uninformed or an absolute fool.
Animals are used for experiments because they cannot defend themselves and therefore they are at the mercy of psychopaths.
That is the ethical basis for all animal testing.

The mere fact that humans are still allowed to experiment on animals and torture them as they please only shows what criminal system we are dealing with.

Anyone who knows and has studied the history of the Third Reich” knows what animal experimenters feel.
The way they act is 100% identical to the mass murderers of that time.
Down to the last detail.
Even Zyklon B is still used to kill laboratory animals.

It is not possible to keep insane people out of this area, they work with the full support of an equally sick system. 

My best regards to all, Venus

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