Day: October 16, 2020

Russia: inspector saves three Beluga whales! a great act of humanity!

Three stranded Beluga whales saved in remote Russian Far East after a dramatic solo rescue operation by hero local inspector

An inspector from Russia’s Emergencies Ministry has been hailed as a hero, after he saved a family of three Beluga whales – two adults and a young calf – left stranded on a Far Eastern beach on Thursday when the tide went out.

Alexey Paramonov said that when he arrived at the scene he saw the animals about 1.5 kilometers from the coast. One of the adults was in a dangerous position, lying on its side, so he dug a hole under the beluga and turned it over to the correct position, while also trying to protect the family from predators.

In order to prevent dehydration, he watered their skin and eyes, and, with nighttime temperatures below freezing, Paramonov also swaddled the baby to keep it warm.

Beluga whale


The dramatic incident occurred in the Khabarovsk region, a vast territory that borders China by land and is close to Japan by sea, over 6,000 kilometers east of Moscow. A local resident told the Emergencies Ministry at about 4.30 pm local time that the animals were stuck at the mouth of the Uda river, which flows into the Sea of Okhotsk, near the village of Chumikan.

The settlement, home to about 1,000 people, is so remote that it has never been connected to the national road network. Thus, access is possible only by sea (which is frozen for close to half the year), helicopter, or small plane. It is 480 kilometers from the nearest train station and almost 700 kilometers away from the city of Khabarovsk.

Paramonov remained with the stricken creatures long after it got dark, mindful of the threat from other animals and poachers.

At about midnight, when the high tide arrived, the whales safely returned to sea on their own.

Last year, Paramonov also rescued three belugas.

Back then three adults found themselves stranded in shallow water and came under attack from crows and gulls before the hero inspector came to their rescue.


And we say...Yay !! Finally some good news instead of the constant horror reports we read every day about animal suffering, caused by direct animal abuse, or by those who do nothing against it.

The systematic indifference of the authorities to animal suffering leads us to regard an inspector as a hero, simply because he has conscientiously done his duty to the three animals.

And it is actually a hero who saves animals today.

But most of the officials who get paid for it don’t even give a shit when it comes to an animal’s life.

In the name of the animals, we say thank you to Inspector Paramonov!

My best regards to all, Venus


German Minister: on behalf of animal exploitation and they do the job well

In Baden-Württemberg, south Germany, a slaughterhouse had to close due to severe animal welfare deficiencies.

According to media reports, the Minister of Agriculture, Peter Hauk, intervened personally to suspend the fine against the operator.

A bitter article about this scandal from the SOKO animal welfare association
(for those who don’t remember:

“…. a pig breeding business that was reported months ago, and where nothing happened.

A slaughterhouse whose shortcomings were known for years and which was last personally protected by the Minister of Agriculture.

A slaughterhouse where the vets just watch how we do brutal force to the animals,
And: A Minister Hauk who does not see himself in any responsibility here.

Actually, he’s not far removed from tradition. Animal welfare – that has always been politically irrelevant. And the Ministry of Agriculture in particular is traditionally trying to make it easier for animal exploiters; animal welfare is systematically ignored and prevented.

The real scandal: people have become so accustomed to the fact that the interests of animals are trampled underfoot that even Minister Hauk creates the trick of not feeling responsible even in these entanglements.

Ministries of Agriculture and their associated ministers have consistently campaigned AGAINST animals.
They prevent the smallest concessions in animal welfare, enforce perpetual extension periods, and play into the hands of the animal exploitation industry.
These people act on behalf of animal exploitation and they do the job well”.


And I mean…The district office had levied a fine against the slaughterhouse (which was closed in March 2020), which Minister Hauk suspended shortly thereafter.
After SOKO’s undercover investigation, pigs were brutally beaten and kicked, electric shock devices were used and the animals were stunned in an unprofessional and incorrect manner. The public prosecutor’s office is informed and determined.

Nevertheless: three days ago, in front of the Agriculture Committee, where he had to give an account of this corrupt and illegal act, Hauk said: He was not aware of any animal welfare violations at the time!!!

Such system structures are not normal but can be described as psychopathic. Mentally, morally, socially healthy people with decency do not engage in such disgusting, exploitative business.

Nevertheless: this system is firmly established, it is an established ideology of violence, has the authority, and is supported by all-important social institutions.

Our parents, school, church, media, or other educational institutions persuade us that eating meat is normal, natural, and necessary.
So we go on with it from childhood; without us, the animal holocaust would not exist.
No meat consumption – no slaughterhouse

What exacerbates the whole matter is the fact that an animal is a “thing” by law, so cruelty to animals is often punished as property damage – if at all.

Black smokers’ lungs are depicted on cigarette packets; How about dead pork or beef in an animal transport or a cow with its throat cut on the meat packaging?

But the meat mafia would never allow that.
Everything indicates that the meat mafia is stronger than the tobacco mafia.

My best regards to all, Venus