Day: October 20, 2020

This is trophy hunting!

In search of that special kick, hobby killers like to travel to South Africa to murder animals like cowards.
Almost 50,000 Germans travel abroad every year to hunt big game.



Big game hunting in Africa, formerly the domain of the British and Americans, is now booming in German-speaking countries as well!

The militant hobby hunters even go so far that they praise trophy hunting as a contribution to “species protection” and development aid.
To justify the hunt with all the cruelty to animals as a contribution to species protection is a sign of madness.

Violence and lies go hand in hand.

The providers of hunting trips are numerous and leave nothing to be desired for their financially strong customers because even shooting permits for lions threatened with extinction can be acquired for a lot of money.

Often the animals are then hunted for days, shot, and flee with the most severe injuries, while they run for their lives in complete fear of death, the animals are still shot at by the insane assassins and hunted through the wilderness.

After the obligatory trophy photo, on which the serial perpetrators present themselves with the murdered bodies of the animals, the animal corpses are then mutilated.

Heads are cut off or the fur is peeled off so that the serial perpetrators can take their victims home as hunting trophies. Import bans are circumvented by giving them small change.

The trophies are then stuffed and hung in the living room. And not always legally.

A whole industry lives from this grueling business.

Our time is increasingly shaped by brutality and violence, and the hunters and their pseudo-science are heavily involved in this.

These negative energies of the culture of violence, terror, disrespect, destruction, exploitation, and discomfort, which the hunters leave behind in nature, is undignified and even a great danger for civilized cultural landscapes.

Here is a nice comment on the photo above (from Animal Peace):

“Would it be a criminal offense if we expose € 10,000 to grabbing the head of the guy?
if not, then bring us his head, also because the rest seems very immobile”

My best  regards to all, Venus


SIGN: Justice for Porcupines Beaten to Death with Police Batons
Rep image – Adobe Stock.


Posted by Colleen Jaskot

WAV Comment:  So Cox ‘estimated’ he killed 3.  Does not sound much of a cop if he cant even count that – 3 is not a massive number is it – he did kill 3 or he did not.  I estimate I shot 3 people; or was it 102 ? – that’s estimating ! – the main question is ‘why ?’ – to pepper spray innocent animals before you beat them to death ??.  No doubt trying to be hard men cops – wonder they did not draw their guns as well; we see so much of it.  Fortunately we are in the UK; and to us, this action sounds like everything that is wrong with the police in the USA.  Punish them hard; real hard. Something has started to be done; but more is required.

Petition Link –

PETITION TARGET: Sagadahoc County District Attorney Natasha Irving

More than 10 porcupines suffered violent deaths at the hands of two former Rockland police officers, who pepper-sprayed and beat them to death with their batons while on duty. A third officer is accused of filming and posting videos of this needless cruelty on social media, according to WGME.

Michael Rolerson admitted to killing about eight porcupines, and Addison Cox estimated he killed three, according to a report by a Maine Game Warden investigator.

In one Snapchat video, Rolerson could reportedly be seen beating something on the ground and saying, “I got him,” after returning to the police car. A picture was then posted of a dead porcupine.

In another incident, an officer said Rolerson suddenly braked in the police car while they were on duty together, running out to beat a helpless porcupine.

Rolerson and Cox were fired from the Rockland police department and charged with aggravated animal cruelty; Kenneth Smith, the officer who allegedly took the videos, is on administrative leave, according to the Portland Press Herald.

These innocent animals deserve justice.

Please sign this petition urging Sagadahoc County District Attorney Natasha Irving to fully prosecute and sentence these former police officers, showing that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in Rockland, Maine.

Spain: How much is enough? New evidence shows the suffering of animals exported from Spain to Middle East for slaughter.

How much is enough? New evidence shows the suffering of animals exported from Spain to Middle East for slaughter

The investigation carried out by Eurogroup for Animals’ members Animals International and Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) in collaboration with Igualdad Animal and Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), reveals the suffering of Spanish animals exported to the Middle East. This is the umpteenth evidence showing the cruelty linked with this trade: Eurogroup for Animals urges the EU to bring an end to the needless suffering and to take a step toward meat/ carcasses only trade.

This summer more than 346,800 cattle and sheep have been exported from Spain to the Middle East and North Africa – just to be slaughtered. Libya, despite the ongoing conflict, remains one of the main importers of live animals from Spain, together with Lebanon, Algeria, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Morocco being the main destinations. 

As shown by countless footage and images collected in the past 10 years by NGOs, EU animals exported to non-EU countries travel for many hours, even days, in critical conditions, and face brutal slaughter practices at arrival which are not even in line with the standards set by World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) to guarantee a minimum level of animal welfare at the time of slaughter.

The evidence collected in Spain by Animals International and AWF this summer, in collaboration with Igualdad Animal and CIWF, shows livestock consignments that should have never been approved because of the high temperatures exceeding the maximum range set by the Council Regulation 1/2005 (EU Transport Regulation) for the authorisation of such journeys.

Indeed, with more than 34 degrees at the port of Cartagena, the investigators recorded signs of heat stress in the animals that remained confined into the trucks for many hours before being loaded into the vessels. Scared and exhausted, the footage released today shows animals at the ports of Cartagena and Tarragona being moved with violent methods explicitly forbidden by the EU Transport Regulation (i.e  by lifting or dragging the animals by their heads, ears, legs or horns or manipulating them in a way that causes them unnecessary pain or suffering).

Some of these animals were also clearly unfit to travel as severely injured and for them the continuation of the journey should have never been allowed. In some cases, in a desperate attempt to escape, some animals fell into the sea without being noticed by the port operators and the authority appointed to ensure the welfare of the animals transported.

Eurogroup for Animals’ members documented for the first time ever the presence of Spanish animals in a Lebanese slaughterhouses, where untrained operators were filmed while putting their hands in the eyes of the animals to move them. Given the high volume of farmed animals exported to non-EU countries by Spain (Spain is the first and the second EU exporter of, respectively, cattle and sheep), it is likely that the same fate befell many other sentient beings departing from the Spanish ports. In 2019 the exports of live animals increased by 28% compared to 2018, that year 901,392 animals (cattle and sheep) were sent by sea. The first EU exporter for sheep is Romania.

Spain also imports calves from all over the EU to fatten them: these animals are very often unweaned and once fattened are slaughtered either in Spain or in Third Countries with practices that are not allowed by the Council Regulation 1099/2009 (EU Slaughter Regulation).

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Denmark: Minks with Mutated Virus can Destroy the Effect of COVID-19 Vaccine.

Jo Anne McArthur

 WAV Comment – Denmark allows fur farming !

Minks with mutated virus can destroy the effect of COVID-19 vaccine

Mink farms can develop into “virus factories” that can inhibit vaccines, explains the chief physician.

The virus mutations that have developed in infected mink in the North Jutland Danish region may risk ruining the work of developing a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Statens Serum Institut confirms this after it criticism emerged against the authorities currently cracking down and killing both sick and healthy mink animals.

The minks in North Jutland are infected with a special variation of COVID-19, and the same mutation has been found in infected people in the area, says chief physician Anders Fomsgaard, responsible for virus research and development at the Statens Serum Institut.

“The concern is that viruses mutated in these mink spread in the community and infect people with a virus strain that is insensitive to the vaccines that are being developed,” he says.

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