This is trophy hunting!

In search of that special kick, hobby killers like to travel to South Africa to murder animals like cowards.
Almost 50,000 Germans travel abroad every year to hunt big game.



Big game hunting in Africa, formerly the domain of the British and Americans, is now booming in German-speaking countries as well!

The militant hobby hunters even go so far that they praise trophy hunting as a contribution to “species protection” and development aid.
To justify the hunt with all the cruelty to animals as a contribution to species protection is a sign of madness.

Violence and lies go hand in hand.

The providers of hunting trips are numerous and leave nothing to be desired for their financially strong customers because even shooting permits for lions threatened with extinction can be acquired for a lot of money.

Often the animals are then hunted for days, shot, and flee with the most severe injuries, while they run for their lives in complete fear of death, the animals are still shot at by the insane assassins and hunted through the wilderness.

After the obligatory trophy photo, on which the serial perpetrators present themselves with the murdered bodies of the animals, the animal corpses are then mutilated.

Heads are cut off or the fur is peeled off so that the serial perpetrators can take their victims home as hunting trophies. Import bans are circumvented by giving them small change.

The trophies are then stuffed and hung in the living room. And not always legally.

A whole industry lives from this grueling business.

Our time is increasingly shaped by brutality and violence, and the hunters and their pseudo-science are heavily involved in this.

These negative energies of the culture of violence, terror, disrespect, destruction, exploitation, and discomfort, which the hunters leave behind in nature, is undignified and even a great danger for civilized cultural landscapes.

Here is a nice comment on the photo above (from Animal Peace):

“Would it be a criminal offense if we expose € 10,000 to grabbing the head of the guy?
if not, then bring us his head, also because the rest seems very immobile”

My best  regards to all, Venus

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