Day: October 12, 2020

“The Julian Assange case is not a trial. It’s a fuck-up.”


An angry speech: Peoples of the world, finally listen: Julian Assange is a political prisoner.
The Julian Assange case is not a trial. It’s a fuck-up.
If Assange is shipped to the US, investigative journalism will be dead.

(Berlin, October 1, 2020.
The picture shows a protester in orange overalls and a Julian Assange mask in front of the British embassy in Berlin)

Julian Assange, he’s already become a symbol of freedom of the press. And the truth in general.

When rulers commit crimes and take refuge under the protection of state secrecy, the bond between the ruled and rulers is severed.
In a democracy, there can be no legitimate secrecy protection for crimes committed by individuals. A justice system that goes along with this becomes an accomplice. And a public that is silent about it did not understand democracy and ultimately did not deserve it.

In a world full of lies, someone who operates a truth machine is dangerous for the system – because this system lives on the secret, only acts secretly!

“Punish one, raise a hundred,” said Mao Tse-Tung.
This is the educational spectacle and signal to all who want to reveal and publish the truth about crimes against human and non-human animals.
It affects us animal rights activists too, because we are putting this system at risk.
In 1997, animal liberators in the US were sentenced to 82 years in prison. The FBI is dealing with the animal liberators today.

Everyone who drives this system to bankruptcy will feel its power. We remember the death of animal rights activist Reagan Russel- whose death was never cleared as murder.

Therefore this process has to burst. Assange has to be released. If this does not happen, there is a direct risk to everyone’s freedom of thought and expression
Your turn is next.

My best regards to all, Venus

Spain: Humiliated by the Biggest Wankers.

This poor bull has endured so much pain & torture, until finally he is done. They have also humiliated him, now they kill him & will cut off his ear’s as trophies. All to the roar of a crowd!

As @rickygervais says “fuck anyone who tortures an animal for fun”


England: Congratulations to Peter for Becoming an OBE for ‘Animal Welfare’.

WAV Comment – Massive congrats to Peter for his award of an OBE (OBE is an Order of the British Empire) awardfor ‘animal welfare’. Nice to see something awarded for hard work and usefulness – unlike many others nowdays. Really glad to have worked with you in the past and have gained from your knowledge.

From CIWF –

We’re so proud of Peter Stevenson, our Chief Policy Adviser, who has been recognised with an OBE!

Peter was involved in banning veal crates & battery cages & most recently our court case which resulted in Scotland halting live calf exports. #QueensBirthdayHonours

Regards Mark

Scotland University Develops Alternative to Animal Testing.

Scotland University develops alternative to animal testing

8 October 2020

Researchers at the University of Dundee have proposed an alternative to animal testing by developing a “skin culture” which mimics living skin.

Founders Dr Robyn Hickerson and Dr Michael Conneely have secured funding for their ‘TenSkin™’ product, where human skin is stretched to an optimal tension to mimic the mechanobiology that exists in intact, living skin on the body.

This provides a state-of-the-art tool for skin biology research by allowing scientists to generate reliable and safe data without the need for animals.

Dr Conneely said: “The skin that covers our body is under tension, this has been known for a long time. “Other models don’t incorporate this tension, and this is why our product is more effective. When skin is removed from the body it contracts as the tension relaxes.

Animal testing is often a subject of ethical controversy, with many raising concerns about the reliability of the method. Ten Bio’s new approach aims to significantly reduce animal usage for skin related research.

Dr Hickerson added: “There is a disconnect between animals and humans when you’re trying to develop therapeutics. 

“While animals can serve as good analogues to study general principles, they often fail when it comes to specific details due to animal/human species differences. These details matter when it comes to developing safe and effective drugs for humans.

“Upwards of 90% of drugs that are proven safe and effective in animals fail during clinical trials. Our model will help reduce this costly failure rate.”

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Deadline News

Regards Mark

EU: How are Climate and Health Crises Driven by Factory Farms?

Photo – Andrew Scowron.

How are climate and health crises driven by factory farms?

12 October 2020

The European Commission’s Farm to Fork strategy pledges to reduce the environmental and climate impact of animal production.

However, no concrete actions are suggested to tackle the root causes of the problem.

Factory-farmed meat production in the EU is on the rise, and is putting the climate and human health at risk according to a new report released today from Food & Water Action Europe and Friends of the Earth Europe.

A rise in industrial meat production in the European Union has been accompanied by a rapid decline in the number of small farms. This has led to a dangerous rise of “factory farms”, characterised by large numbers of animals confined in crowded spaces.

The COVID-19 crisis has proved the fragility and inhumanity of the system which makes cheap meat possible, and how much it depends on unethical and unfair conditions for workers.

We need urgent action from EU and national policy makers to change this.

Stanka Becheva, food and farming campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe

The report reveals that:

  • Unsafe working conditions on factory farms and slaughterhouses put workers in danger and increase the spread of diseases including COVID-19;
  • Global production of soybeans for animal feed, and the resulting deforestation, are exacerbating the climate crisis, constituting around 7% of all greenhouse gas emissions originating from human activity;
  • The European meat sector is dominated by a few large corporations who are increasing in size through mergers and acquisitions. Vertical integration threatens the existence of small-scale farmers, drops the prices for producers and leaves all the profits with agribusiness;
  • The routine dosing of antibiotics to factory farmed animals is increasing the risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria ending up in meat;
  • Manure from livestock farming severely contributes to air pollution (namely via ammonia emissions) and water pollution (via nitrate outputs) – a serious health risk for people living near factory farms.

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Friends of the Earth Europe

Regards Mark – yet more evidence; but do officials evere care ?

Ireland: Illegal Shipments of Calves From Rosslare Port.

There were plenty of livestock trucks at Rosslare Port yesterday evening boarding the Stena Line Horizon – you can hear the calves bawling, already hungry and tired. Over 24 hours with no feed is not only inhumane it is illegal




In the immortal words of Jim Morrison of the doors. “The time for hesitation’s through. There’s no time to wallow in the mire. We can only lose….& our love become a funeral pyre”. #BanLiveExports it’s time to act, be brave & stand up to the bad guys once & for all.