Day: October 7, 2020

Germany: mass murder on the march

In Brandenburg, Germany’s heart of the African pig plague, all wild boars are to be killed in the vicinity of the “core zone”, in which the first wild boars infected with African swine fever (ASF) were found.

Brandenburg intends to allow wild boar hunting with the night- sights in the near future. The relevant technology is ready for collection at the authority. But first, the “fence” has to be ready.

The authorities in Brandenburg are currently working intensively on plans to get the core zone free from wild boars. As confirmed by the Ministry of Agriculture in Brandenburg, both night sights and special wild boar traps are used when shooting.
These are currently being transported and set up in the core zone.

The night sights are available from the forest authorities. The ministry emphasizes that hunting activities can only start once the security fence is in place.

A commission of EU Veterinarians has recommended designating a “white zone” within five kilometers of the already existing core zone.
In this “white zone”, which is bordered by solid “wild boar-proof” fences, all wild boars are to be killed.

The material for the outer fence around the white zone will be delivered on Thursday (October 1st, 2020). Construction should then start on Friday. It is currently unclear when the ring around the actual core zone can be closed.

Hunting on ALL wild boars

In the so-called “white zone”, maternal protection is also temporarily suspended (!!!)
That means that all wild boars are hunted. This also includes leading brooks. This is absolutely necessary for the epidemic protection measures, according to the Ministry.

For the control measures, the authorities want to ask not only state officials but also local hunters who are familiar with the core area for help.
It is said, but it has not yet been conclusively clarified that the police and the armed forces will also be requested.

The responsible state veterinarian makes the decision.

And I mean…A stupid minister and his constituents refuse to explain to us how the virus can get into hermetically sealed pigsties.
Certainly not by a herd of wild boars.

Max Planck and Einstein thought hunters were psychopaths.
When I read that the hunters will also shoot youngsters, this opinion is confirmed.
Killing parent animals on which freshlings depend is an act of sadism and has nothing to do with preventive hunting.

In wild boars, for example, only the alpha female (Leitbach) in a herd usually reproduces. This limits the uncontrolled reproduction by several females in the pack and ensures that no more wild boars live in the area than can be feed there.
But for the moment and because of the intensive hunting of the wild boar, young wild boars that were born in spring were pregnant again in autumn!!

Wild boars are very useful for the forest, they dig up the ground and bury acorns, beechnuts, and other seeds that are used for natural regeneration.
Wild boars are gardeners of the forest.

The whole action is terrorist Zooicide.
Or to put it another way: if the ministry names such a planned massacre as swine fever management – then genocide is also humanitarian aid!

My best  regards to all, Venus

Revealed – Rampant Deforestation of Amazon Driven by Global Greed for Meat.

Revealed – rampant deforestation of Amazon driven by global greed for meat

“Because of the high volume of Brazilian beef shipped to China and Hong Kong, these markets are associated with the highest amount of deforestation in total – between 17,400 and 26,400 hectares per year – according to the analysis.

The EU also imports more than $600m worth of beef from Brazil each year. And that will increase if the EU and member states approve a new trade deal with Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay to gradually let 99,000 tonnes of low-tariff South American beef into Europe every year”.

Read the full investigation from ‘The Guardian’; London; at:

Great work by the Guardian as always;

Regards Mark

England: Why Does Plant Based Vegan Food Have To Be Marketed As ‘Tastes Like Steak’ Etc ? – Vegans Are Vegans To Stop Animal Suffering – Understand This.

WAV Comment: I (Mark) have not eaten any dead animal meat for well over 33 years.  I take a vegan diet as a) I consider plant based to be very healthy; non fattening etc; and b) primarily because of my personal concerns for animal welfare issues.  In short, An animal does not die to put something on my plate.

We all have our opinions, which is great and to be encouraged; but I rather hate the fact (as below) that veggie or vegan food is often sold as ‘vegan meat’; ‘vegan steak’, ’vegan bacon’, ‘fishless fillets’ and ‘vegan sausages’ etc.  As a vegan, I do not want to eat things that are supposed to represent in any way steak, bacon or fish.  Because of my hatred for the way animals are abused to produce the same, I simply want a plant based meal that is just that; a plant based meal without the cruelty. I dont want nit dressed up as something it is not – they should be sold as non meat; not ‘tastes like’ steak, bacon and the rest.

Having a range of plant based products called plant based steak, sausage and fish fillets is typical marketing jargon; but you almost always find that vegans are vegans because they don’t want to be associated with animal abuse or meat in any way.  So pretending then that plant based products taste like steak; bacon or fish are not really on my wavelength; so why do it ?.  The only positive to me is that ‘real’ steak eaters may eventually try the plant based version and then move over to it; improving their health and doing a great deal for the environment and especially saving animal deaths.

But for me; veganism has principles; and they include avoiding animal abuses; the environment and better health.  So lets keep vegan food free from the ‘tastes like bacon or steak’ labels; and sell it is simply for what it is – ie cruelty free food which benefits the environment.  How about labelling them instead as ‘animal abuse free’, or ‘more environmentally friendly’ products.  This approach may even attract yet more custom; those who want to do the right thing and avoid animal suffering whilst doing better for the mush persecuted environment.

Just my view;

Regards Mark

Value Supermarket Morrisons Launches Vegan Steak And Bacon

The new meat alternatives are part of an extensive range including plant-based burgers, sausages, fishless fillets and more


OCT 6, 2020

Morrisons has launched a major new line of vegan meat under its V-Taste branding.

The value supermarket’s new offering includes a range of options including vegan steak (£3) and vegan bacon (£2.50).

Among the other plant-based meat alternatives are fishless fillets (£2), burgers (£2.50), and two styles of sausages – chorizo and Cumberland (£2.50).

Morrisons vegan meat

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, a Morrisons spokesperson described the bacon as ‘thick cut rashers’, which they said are the ‘perfect pairing to a butty on a Sunday’.

The steak, they added, are ‘high in fiber and a source of protein’, and match well with any traditional steak sauces.

The fishless fillets are described as ‘flaky’, and are made from fava beans and rice, coated in a breading.

Morrisons vegan options

Morrisons initially launched its V Taste range towards the end of 2018. It started as a line with around 10 products, including two flavors of vegan cupcakes – red velvet and chocolate – as well as a number of savory dishes like Lentil Hotpot among others.

The line was described as being value for money, with all items priced between £1 and £3.

Since the launch, Morrisons has consistency expanded the range, adding items like pigs in blankets, a foot-long vegan sausage roll, and mozzarella sticks among others.

USA: New Jersey Proposes To End Black Bear Trophy Hunting.

Breaking news: New Jersey proposes plan to end black bear trophy hunting

We applaud Gov. Phil Murphy, who made a campaign promise to end black bear trophy hunts, for his commitment to not approve the state’s bear management plan in 2021 if it contains lethal bear huntingPhoto by Alamy

Breaking news: New Jersey proposes plan to end black bear trophy hunting

New Jersey’s governor wants no more black bear trophy hunts in the state on his watch.

The New Jersey Fish and Game Council today proposed an amendment to the state’s 2021 bear management plan that would effectively suspend the annual black bear trophy hunt after the conclusion of this year’s hunt, which is scheduled to start next week. New Jersey’s bear hunt is particularly barbaric. It allows trophy hunters to use such cruel methods as baiting the animals with piles of rotting sugary food and chasing bears off state lands, where bear hunting is not allowed, and onto private lands, just so they can be killed. It also allows baby bear cubs to be hunted.

We applaud Gov. Phil Murphy, who made a campaign promise to end black bear trophy hunts, for his commitment to not approve the state’s new bear management plan if it contains lethal bear hunting. If the amendment is approved, it would mean there would be no bear trophy hunting in New Jersey starting next year, and presumably for the next four years.

A Humane Society of the United States poll last year showed that a supermajority of residents oppose such hunts. An even stronger majority is opposed to bear baiting. But unfortunately, attempts in the state legislature to prohibit baiting bears or bear trophy hunting have not been brought up for full floor votes.

While the plan is yet to be finalized, this is a big step forward and it is great news for our wildlife staff and our New Jersey state director who worked long and hard for this outcome. Unfortunately, the proposed changes won’t stop the 2020 bear hunting season, which will begin Oct. 12. We strongly urge Gov. Murphy to take steps available to him and immediately call off this hunt as well.

The New Jersey Fish and Game Council will accept public comment on this proposed change until Dec. 4, and will hold a public hearing before it is finalized. The comment period will open soon, and if you’re a resident of New Jersey, we urge you to weigh in and let the council know that you support ending the trophy hunting of black bears in the state. Please watch this space for further updates.

Excellent News !

Regards Mark

Shame on you Finland! that’s human rights violation!

The Helsinki Police Department has been accused of breaching human rights after footage was shared widely online showing officers pepper-spraying sitting Extinction Rebellion (XR) protesters.

A sit-in protest was organized by Elokapina (Extinction Rebellion Finland) on the busy Kaisaniemenkatu road in Helsinki, where numerous road traffic and tram line routes converge, on Saturday.

The climate protesters were ordered to disperse, having blocked the busy road with their sit-down demonstration all afternoon before police finally, and seemingly without provocation, unloaded with pepper spray canisters, hitting the seated protesters directly in the face as photos and videos from the scene purport to show.

“Within 10 minutes of the protest spreading out, police resorted to pepper spray and sprayed protesters several times, causing severe reactions in roughly a dozen people. Police also prevented some of the sprayed people from rinsing their face with water,” reads a press release from Elokapina.

Activists took to Twitter to share what they experienced at the hands of the police and to express their outrage at what unfolded. Many blasted the actions of the officers and called for them to face disciplinary action. “Shame on you Finland! How dare you!” one irate commenter wrote.
At least 51 protesters, some of whom had locked themselves to a boat, were detained by police according to an Extinction Rebellion press release.

In a statement, the Helsinki police department argued that given the extent of the traffic disruption and length for which the protest had been allowed to continue – roughly five hours – officers used the “most lenient forcible measure at [their disposal].”

Kimmo Nuotio, a professor of criminal law at the University of Helsinki said the situation “doesn’t look good,” from a legal perspective, adding that “use of force must be based on careful discretion and situational consideration.”

In the meantime, another street blockade is planned for Wednesday, October 7 as part of the group’s Autumn Rebellion (Syyskapina).

“Similar civil disobedience will be seen in at least 15 different countries throughout Autumn,” the group wrote on its website.

“I’m frankly annoyed that things didn’t go well in this particular case,” Sanna Heikinheimo, a deputy national police commissioner at the National Police Board said, claiming that 99 percent of demonstrations held in Helsinki pass without incident.

A report has already been submitted to the Ministry of the Interior and an investigation into the police use of force is underway.

Legal experts across Finland have expressed their concern at the use of perceived excessive force in the incident. Miikka Vuorela, a doctoral student of criminology at the University of Helsinki, claimed the officers’ actions “constituted a human rights violation.”


And I is criminal for the law enforcement police to spray a chemical on the face of some peacefully seated protesters.
Attacking women sitting on the ground with a weapon meant to be used for protection is cowardly.
There are other means of removing them if they disturb the traffic.

We declare solidarity with the activists.
Our protests, our fight against the destruction of the planet, and the exploitation of animals continue.
Governments are afraid of this and want to prevent it by any means.
But we will not be intimidated, nor will we stop and we just have to stay united!

My best regards to all, Venus