Day: October 21, 2020

We have to help the pigeons

We meet them everywhere, every day.

They are abandoned, homeless house pigeons, the strays in our cities.
The way we deal with them is a scandal, a shame.

We take the right to domesticate, breed, exploit, abandon, scare, torture, starve, and kill these animals because we mean that their existence harms us.

Pigeons used to be on the rocks, we humans caught and bred them.

Because of the excessive expansion of the human population, pigeons have lost their houses and are therefore settled in the cities.
That is where their misery began.

They eat our waste to avoid starvation, they get sick, they are injured and die in agony because of our traps
People constantly blaspheme against their excrement, but no one blasphemes against the plastic waste by the sea and in barbecue areas

Stadttaube Schnur Beine

We accuse pigeons of transmitting diseases to us humans, but the Robert Koch Institute has proven the opposite

You don’t have to speculate for long as to who instigated the “arguments” against the pigeons … those responsible always refer to the so-called experts, such as hunters, falconers, and scare-off companies who fill their pockets with the suffering of the animals!

They are peaceful, harm no one.

They recognize faces, at least my face, as soon as I go to the train station in my city to feed them under strict discretion.

For most people, animal welfare ends when pigeons are fed.
That is why they are hunted, kicked, and arbitrarily harassed.

The only animal-friendly solution is dovecotes, which are built where pigeons live: in the city centers.
Animal rights activists (who are not paid for it) would provide them with species-appropriate feed and water as well as suitable breeding sites.
By exchanging pigeon eggs with gypsum eggs, an animal welfare-friendly and sustainable control of the population takes place.

Tauben Taubenschlag

Some cities have already started to successfully control pigeon populations in this way – but most of them still treat pigeons like strays in southerners.

We have to finally stop waging war against the pigeons, we have to make peace with them by helping them and giving back what we took from them: A roof over their head and appropriate food!

They love wheat, lentils, flax seeds, birdseed.

It is finally time to take responsibility for these animals.
Please feed the pigeons.

My best regards to all, Venus

21/10/20 – Big Breaking News from Peta. Egypt has Announced Plans to BAN Camel and Horse Rides Around the Giza Pyramids.

21/10/20 – Big breaking news from Peta.

Dear Mark,

We have fantastic news: after more than a year of pressure from PETA, our affiliates, and over 180,000 compassionate supporters –  Egypt has announced plans to ban camel and horse rides around the Giza pyramids.

Thank you for helping to make this happen!

Animal abuse has no place at Egypt’s majestic tourist destinations. The camels and horses used for rides around the Giza pyramids and in the archaeological areas are regularly beaten and forced to cart visitors around on their backs or in carriages in the blistering heat, without access to food, water, or shade.

While this plan doesn’t ban all animal rides across the country, soon, the camels and horses animals at Giza will be replaced by electric cars and buses, as recommended by PETA.

Now, let’s ask Greece to follow in Egypt’s footsteps and switch to animal-free transportation on Santorini.

Please join PETA in calling on the Greek prime minister and minister for agricultural development and food to ban cruel donkey and mule rides immediately:

Regards Mark

Gold Mining Is Destroying the Amazon and Its Indigenous People. Please Support the Rainforest Art Project.

Illegal gold mines destroying Amazon rainforest: study | News | DW |  11.12.2018

Gold mining Amazon rain forest Hydraulic mining known as chupadeira Stock  Photo - Alamy

Big ‘Hi’ to Barbara Crane Navarro, founder of the Rainforest Art Project, for all her support and likes to so many of our posts.  As she will be only too aware, it is a long and hard campaign to get any justice.  All we can do s try, and keep on trying !

We give some links to Barbara’s work below; but you need to click and read a lot more about the situation of indigenous people and the Amazon.  Please check it out.

As Barbara says in two of her articles (partly reproduced below):

Cartier is the only luxury goods company to use the Yanomami as a spokesperson (sellers?) for their gold and diamond jewellery business.

But you… If you buy gold and diamond jewellery, watches and accessories from Cartier and others in the luxury industry, or gold and diamond goods in retail outlets or discount stores, you are also complicit in the destruction of tropical forests and the degradation of the lives of indigenous peoples.

Please say NO to gold!

The Cartier Foundation embodies the insidious practice of using an “artistic” foundation to seduce the public, making them believe that their merchandise and their business model are in reality the opposite of their true relationship with the nature and interests of indigenous peoples…

Thank you for your support Barbara – we appreciate you giving us time with our fight; and we hope to spread the word about your fantastic work fighting for the traditional peoples of the Amazon against big business which is exploiting them.

Please check out the sites and learn more.  Abuse is abuse – be it the traditional people of the Amazon, or animals around the world.  Together we can fight and fight hard.  We will never give up against the corruption.

Regards Mark

What Could Happen if the Rainforest Disappeared | Reader's Digest

You Can Have ‘Cleansing Milk’ for Your Skin, ‘Milk of Magnesia’ for Stomach Upsets; Yet the Dairy Industry Does Not Want ‘Soya Milk’ to Be Called Such. Desperate Times for Them.

The animal agriculture industry is feeling extremely threatened by the growth in the numbers of people going vegan and consuming a plant only diet, and, in response, is calling for a ban on the use of terms such as burger, sausage, cheese, milk, ice cream etc for plant based equivalents. The Irish Farmers Union is attempting to persuade Irish MEP’s to vote to ban words traditionally used by the animal agriculture industry such as burger, steak, milk, cheese etc.

Interview on Newstalk

Sandra Higgins was interviewed by Mark Cagney, along with IFA President Tim Cullinanon on this morning’s Newstalk Breakfast. You can listen to the interview here.

Food terminology

The production of plant based equivalents of animal foods has a history that is thousands of years old, dating to Chinese Buddhist monk’s use of seitan (made from wheat gluten) and tofu (made from soya beans). There has been an enormous growth in the production and supply of plant based substitutes for animal foods which meets the demand by people for more ethical food production which necessitates the use of plants instead of animals.

Many vegans would prefer to dissociate from terms which have been used to associate living, sentient animals with food, because they are not food, they are feeling beings with rights. It is perfectly feasible to eat a wholefoods, plant diet without these substitutes. Indeed, it is cheaper and in many cases healthier to do so. However, people buying and consuming plant based substitutes, for the most part, live in countries where we have all grown up consuming animal products such as burgers, cheese, milk and ice cream. It is a matter of convenience to have plant based substitutes replace dietary patterns and recipes based on animal products. Many of these products are a very useful way of meeting our nutritional needs. They ease the transition to a plant diet and to veganism for many people and that can only be a good thing.

Most terms such as burger, sausage, etc refer to the shapes of food. Many animal versions of these products already contain more plant ingredients than animals’ bodies. It is the right of the plant based foods industry to label their products in a manner that facilites their sale.

Is this threatened Ban something Vegans should Be Concerned About?

The cost to the plant based food industry of changing it’s labelling and packaging would be harmful to a growing, ethical, and sustainable method of food production which, in every way, is better than using the lives and bodies of other animals who share our capacity to feel and have an interest in staying alive. Interestingly, there are two cases in the US that we are aware of, that have won their right to use dairy terminology (Miyoko’s Butter and Plant Based Milk in Virginia).

The EU has already banned the use of dairy terms such as milk on plant milks. The ban has done little to halt the rapid expansion of the market for plant substitutes for dairy products. Most people do not even notice the label. The Gestalt principles of perception operate even when most of an object is missing. Our minds are programmed to logically make sense of the world in terms of our understanding. That is why a carton of a product made from oats or soy does not have to be labelled ‘milk’ for the consumer to purchase it on the understanding that it is milk. The main concern in the consumer’s mind is that the milk did not violate the rights of other animals to their lives; that it is not harmful to the environment; and that it contributes to a diet that is nutritionally adequate, healthy, tasty, and affordable.

Misplaced Perception of Threat

The perception of threat by the animal agriculture industry is completely misplaced. The future of food production must, necessarily, be plant based and farmers will be necessary for the production of that plant food and are entitled to earn a living and be supported to transition in other ways to a more ethical, sustainable way of farming that excludes the use of other animals. The industry itself has seen the potential for expansion into the production of plant based foods; many of the vegan substitutes on our supermarket shelves are produced by the industry as it cashes in on this growing market. Given the current crises facing us in terms of a pandemic that has its origins in our oppression and use of other animals, combined with the loss of biodiversity and the climate crisis, which are caused, to a significant extent, by animal agriculture, surely it is in our interests to find solutions to halt disaster and ensure the sustainability of human life, than to argue over the terminology of the food we consume.

Misleading? The Kettle Calling the Pot Black

The argument that plant based substitutes for animal foods are misleading is ironic. The most misleading products of all on our shop shelves are those made from the bodies of other animals. The lengths to which the industry goes to to hide the standard legal practices on farms and in slaughterhouses, to fight against the science that explains the damage that animal agriculture inflicts on the environment and on other life, and to attempt to dispute the facts on the health benefits of a plant diet, are evidence  that it is an industry based on misleading consumers.

There isn’t a single producer of animal products that would sanction putting the facts of animal agriculture on its food packaging.

Milking It

Why the furore over plant based foods and not a similar reaction to the use by the cosmetic industry of the term ‘cleansing milk’, the fruit and veg industry’s use of terms ‘coconut milk’ and the ‘flesh’ of fruit, or the pharmaceutical industry’s reference to ‘milk of magnesia’ or the medical phrase ‘milking’ referring to the expression of the contents of a tube or duct to obtain a specimen or to test for tenderness? 

Has anyone ever reacted to the term ‘milking it’?

It is a derogatory phrase referring to the unjust taking advantage of another; a term which aptly derives from the dairy industry’s unjust process of breeding mammals so that they can be impregnated and lactate milk for their babies which is then taken from them for human consumption; the atrocious breeding of animals to give birth and lactate even though they are prevented from this natural right to feed their babies who are separated from them after birth; the exploitative and violent process of selectively breeding animals so that their bodies can be exploited for dairy products that humans do not need, until the burden of metabolic stress, continual lactation and pregnancy, combine to reduce their production of milk and their lives are ended in slaughterhouses.

Regards Mark

Individual Soya Milk Substitute Portions 80 Pods: Grocery

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UK: Numbers of Wild Lions Have Tumbled from About 450,000 in the 1950s to an Estimated 15,000 Now. The Conservative Government Should Stop the Fancy Talk and Support the Public – Give Them the Ban NOW.

British hunters have killed at least 60 lions since Cecil shot, as ministers delay trophy imports ban again

Experts warn big cat heading for extinction as gunmen from EU slaughter more than those from any country in the world

British hunters have killed at least 60 lions – and probably more – since the shooting of Cecil in 2015, as a promised government ban on trophy imports has been delayed again.

Official figures reveal dozens of bodies, skins and other parts of the endangered animal have been brought into the UK from Africa in the past five years.

The data also show the European Union imports more lion trophies than any country, allowing the species to be driven dangerously towards extinction, experts say.

After the killing – exactly five years ago – of Cecil in Zimbabwe by a US dentist prompted an international outcry, ministers promised to ban imports of lion trophies by 2017. The promise was also included in last year’s Tory election manifesto, and in February, Boris Johnson told Parliament he would deliver a ban.

Numbers of wild lions have tumbled from about 450,000 in the 1950s to 20,000 in 2015 to an estimated 15,000 now.

It’s feared there could be as few as 13,000.

Wild lions face the threat of extinction within three decades if populations continue to fall, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has previously warned. Conservationists have described the decline as “heartbreaking”.

Ministers last year announced a public consultation on a ban, which ended in February, but officials say the outcome has been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The consultation included the option of stricter requirements or a ban on parts of only certain species.

But analysis of numbers from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites), which regulates trade, reveals lion bodies, as well as skins, skulls, claws and feet, have been legally brought into the UK. A conservative reading of the database suggests that represents between 53 and 77 dead lions.

But if the body parts were listed not as trophies but for personal, educational or commercial trade, the number of imports to the UK is 154.

Eduardo Goncalves, author of a new book on trophy hunting and founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, said: “The government promised to ban lion trophies after the killing of Cecil. Then it changed its mind. As a result, British hunters shot another 50 or more ‘Cecils’.

“Now it’s saying again that it wants to ban hunting trophies. We cannot have any more dithering or delay. Nine out of 10 voters want this stopped.

“Wildlife is on the brink. There is now a real prospect of lions becoming extinct in the wild.”

Other Cites data reveal the EU is the world’s largest importer of lion trophies compared with non-EU countries. The EU imported 406 lion trophies in 2017 and 2018, including 18 trophies of wild lions in Zimbabwe like Cecil.

Within the EU, Spain imported the most lion trophies – 84 – in the two years.

Claire Bass, Humane Society International/UK’s executive director, said: “Cecil’s senseless killing exposed trophy hunting as immensely cruel, completely unnecessary and morally bankrupt. And yet, five years on from his tragic death, Britain and the European Union are still providing a market for this horrific hobby.”

The public were outraged when Walter Palmer shot Cecil, a protected lion and one of Zimbabwe’s most loved animals, on 1 July 2015. It led to calls for his extradition to Zimbabwe, and he became the target of threats and protests. A professional hunter was cleared over the death.

In answer to MPs who have questioned the delay, minister Victoria Prentis said the government was continuing to work on the issue and would publish its response as soon as it was practical. “The outcome of the consultation, and the accompanying call for evidence, will inform our next steps,” she added.

Normal Defra Bullshit (WAV Addition)

A spokesperson for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said: “There is a clear manifesto commitment to ban the import of hunting trophies from endangered animals and we continue to work to end this shocking trade.

Independent London July 2020

USA: Idaho Opens First-Ever Swan Hunting Season – But Hunters Have to Have Training to Identify the Bird and Use ‘Non Toxic’ Shot; Despite Killing !! – Dead Sounds Toxic To Us.

Hunters fined $19,000 for shooting swan | CBC News

Idaho opens first-ever swan hunting season

WAV Comment – So the hunters have to use ‘non toxic shot’ as part of the rules. Non toxic or not; the swans will be killed by the hunter psyxhos – so why is this one of the ‘rules’ ? – we must not harm the hunters with toxins must we. And they have to be trained to identify the bird !! – sounds really pathetic.

In August, 50 tags were issued first-come, first-serve for Idaho’s first ever swan hunting season; those who were early to the draw will get to participate when the season opens October 19.

Swan hunting will only be available in Benewah, Bonner, Boundary and Kootenai counties, and runs until December 1.

Hunters will be limited to one swan bagged per day and one swan possession per day; they are also encouraged to take the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s swan orientation course to get familiar with identifying the bird.

Hunters also have to follow these rules:

  • Have a swan tag
  • Have a migratory bird permit
  • Have a federal migratory bird stamp
  • Have a shotgun that holds no more than three shells
  • Have non-toxic shot

Italy: Wild Boar Family Being Fed By Children Killed by Police in Rome Playground.

Wild boar family killed by police in Rome children’s playground

The mayor of Rome has ordered an investigation after a family of wild boar were shot and killed by police in a children’s playground.

A female boar and her six piglets wandered into the playground near the Vatican last week, and crowds of children soon came to feed the animals.

But when police arrived on Friday, they shot the boar with tranquiliser darts and gave them lethal injections.

Their killing prompted anger from residents and animal rights groups.

“It was decided to hastily kill [the animals] who had found shelter in the Aurelio play area, instead of saving their lives given the alternative solutions that had been offered,” a statement from the International Organization for Animal Protection said.

“I was offering to capture, transfer and host [the] wild boars,” Michela Brambilla, an MP who heads an animal rights group, told the Corriere della Serra newspaper. “I was proposing a non-bloody choice.”

But, in a statement, one local official said the decision to kill the boar was taken because there were no cages available to capture them.

“The preferred choice is to capture them with special cages,” councillor Laura Fiorini wrote on Facebook. But the regional authorities had not prepared them, she said.

The city’s investigation is expected to examine why the decision to kill the animals was made and whether official protocol was followed, local media report.

What happened?

The boar are believed to have entered the Mario Moderni park in the west of the city after they were attracted by overflowing rubbish bins.

Police closed off the area on Thursday, but children continued to feed the animals through gaps in the fencing.

Animal rights groups say they offered to assist with the relocation of the boar but their suggestions were ignored.

On Friday, there were scuffles with riot police near the park. Some officers arrived with rifles and people reportedly shouted “Assassins!” as the incident unfolded.

Vets were on hand to provide the lethal injections before the boar were removed from the park.

Protesters gathered in the area over the weekend, and flowers and hand-painted signs have been left at the scene.

Wild boar are commonplace in Rome and much of Italy, but their presence is controversial. They are believed to be responsible for thousands of traffic accidents a year and people have been injured or killed in attacks.


Regards Mark

Italy: 1,500 illegally decoy buoys each year on sea

Sea Shepherd Germany

Sea Shepherd is currently back in action in Italian waters to protect the Mediterranean Sea.
OPERATION SISO is a campaign by Sea Shepherd Italy to protect the Aeolian Islands from illegal, unregulated, and undocumented fishing (IUU), in particular the illegal use of fish aggregating devices (FADs).

The Aeolian Islands were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 and form an archipelago of seven inhabited islands. They are located in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea, north of Sicily – only 12 nautical miles from Cape Milazzo.

They are all volcanic in origin, and their rich biodiversity provides the perfect environment for breeding grounds for many migratory species and for sperm whales, common dolphins, beaked whales, striped dolphins, round-headed dolphins, and pilot whales.

The illegal decoy buoys, referred to as “cannizzi” by the locals, pose a threat to life in the Mediterranean and to local, legal fishing. They are illegal in Aeolian waters at this time of year and must be used at the beginning of the season regulated by the local management plan of the Aeolian Islands.

What is decoy buoys?

Decoy buoys are anchored hollow plastic bodies floating on the surface of the water, to which palm branches or similar materials are attached, which act as a magnet for deep-sea fish, as they serve as a refuge for them.

Each buoy consists of 4-6 plastic canisters with palm leaves as a floating part and a line up to 3000 meters long with a diameter of approx. 3.5 mm, which is anchored to the seabed.

FADs not only help catch target fish species but also lead, among other things, also to the death of loggerhead turtles, which are already on the verge of extinction in Italian waters.

Illegal FADs also represent the largest amount of plastic pollution in the area, with industrial fleets deploying hundreds of plastic FADs in violation of biodegradability rules and local regulations that allow a maximum of 20 FADs.

It is estimated that more than 1,500 decoy buoys are illegally anchored each year, which is a significant proportion of the plastic waste pollution of the Italian sea and is fatal for marine animals such as loggerhead turtles that can become entangled in them as they migrate.

The pictures were taken at the beginning of October and show the dramatic consequences of IUU fishing.

That is why it is so important that we are there.

Photos: Laura Machini / Sea Shepherd, Monica von Blasi / Filicudi Wildlife Conservation
#seashepherditalia #operazionesiso #seashepherd #mittelmeer #conservationinaction #fortheoceans #seashepherdgermany

And I mean…There is only one thing to do here to get the illegal fishing under control: high fines from the EU to Italy. And not only in Italy!

But the EU is currently busy with more important issues.

Not with the abolition of animal cages
Not with the cruel animal transports from the EU to third countries
Not with the advancing climate catastrophe on our planet

The EU is currently working on the new name of the vegan “burger”, “sausage” or “schnitzel” because that has bothered the meat mafia for a long time.
It even goes very quickly with the meeting of the officials in the EU Parliament to convert the godless child “Veggie Meat” with a new name into the new religion of the carnivores

For such trivial matters, the EU is always very quick.

My best regards to all, Venus