21/10/20 – Big Breaking News from Peta. Egypt has Announced Plans to BAN Camel and Horse Rides Around the Giza Pyramids.

21/10/20 – Big breaking news from Peta.

Dear Mark,

We have fantastic news: after more than a year of pressure from PETA, our affiliates, and over 180,000 compassionate supporters –  Egypt has announced plans to ban camel and horse rides around the Giza pyramids.

Thank you for helping to make this happen!

Animal abuse has no place at Egypt’s majestic tourist destinations. The camels and horses used for rides around the Giza pyramids and in the archaeological areas are regularly beaten and forced to cart visitors around on their backs or in carriages in the blistering heat, without access to food, water, or shade.

While this plan doesn’t ban all animal rides across the country, soon, the camels and horses animals at Giza will be replaced by electric cars and buses, as recommended by PETA.

Now, let’s ask Greece to follow in Egypt’s footsteps and switch to animal-free transportation on Santorini.

Please join PETA in calling on the Greek prime minister and minister for agricultural development and food to ban cruel donkey and mule rides immediately:


Regards Mark

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