Day: October 9, 2020

Make no mistakes


The next time you walk out with a puppy, a cosmetically designed breed, from a breeder, from a puppy mill, a pet store, another dog is being walked somewhere else, for the last time.

Street animals are not FROM the street. They are ON the street.

Stray animals were once family members. They were faithful, happy, thankful for giving them a home.
Brainless people, without moral education, without any responsibility for the fate of the weaker ones, have put them on the street.

Therefore there is endless misery ON the street.
Don’t make this misery greater, make no mistake, and never buy your friend from a breeder.

Visit the animal shelter in your area and there will be someone waiting for you to be your friend for life.

“saving a street dog will not change the world but, without a doubt, the world will change for him”

Have a good night, Venus

UK: BBC news sheds light on UK calves exported to the Middle East.

BBC news sheds light on UK calves exported to the Middle East

8 October 2020

Animals International

Eurogroup for Animals’ member organisations, Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) and Animals International, gathered footage this summer, which for the first time confirmed that UK calves exported to Spain, are often shipped to the Middle East for slaughter.

With segments on Radio 4’s Farming Today, BBC 2 News, and the BBC News Channel, the BBC has released evidence gathered over the summer by Eurogroup for Animals’ members Animals International and the AWF.

Despite the UK’s claim of not exporting animals for slaughter purposes and the active campaign carried out by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) to Ban Live Exports, the investigations carried out by Eurogroup for Animals’ members clearly show that it happens to UK animals to end up in Third Countries’ abattoirs.

Indeed, the footage shows that calves exported on long journeys from the UK (Northern Ireland) to Spain to be fattened for beef are often then exported on further journeys to the Middle East.

“We found animals with UK earring tags being slaughtered in Lebanon as well as a UK bull at the harbour in Cartagena (ES) ready to be loaded on a vessel headed for Libya”, said Gerit Weidinger, EU-Coordinator Animals International that for many years has investigated the awful conditions of the EU animals in Third Countries’ abattoirs. The footage published by BBC shows animals being thrown onto the floor and being dragged or suspended by their limbs while still conscious.

The UK currently exports some animals for breeding. Unweaned male calves are considered by-products of the dairy industry and their transport is particularly problematic because of the extremely fragile conditions of these young animals and their needs. AWF has been working on this issue for many years and restlessly reported about the animal welfare issues behind this trade. Only in 2019, the UK exported around 17,000 calves to Spain, the majority from Northern Ireland. Once reached Spain these animals are typically fattened on farms before being slaughtered or re-exported. In June this year,  AWF filmed a UK calf being moved outside of its pen and left to die. “The calf was suffering from a respiratory illness, which is common after long, stressful journeys with little food or milk replacement”.  

To avoid animal suffering and avoid the law being circumvented, it is key to stop any EU and UK export to non-EU countries

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Regards Mark

Israel plans to BAN the fur trade.

England – From friend Mark Glover at ‘Respect for Animals’; fighting the international fur trade.

Israel plans to BAN the fur trade

Israel says it intends to ban the buying and selling of animal furs, apart from in specially approved cases, making it the first country to do so.

Announcing plans for new regulations, environmental protection minister Gila Gamliel said the use of skin and fur for the fashion industry was “immoral”.

Several cities – in the US, and São Paulo in Brazil – have banned the sale of animal fur. The state of California passed legislation to ban fur last autumn.

At present, anyone in Israel wishing to buy or sell fur must apply for a permit, but under the new rules this will only be allowed in cases of “scientific research, education or for instruction and for religious purposes or tradition”.

“The fur industry causes the killing of hundreds of millions of animals around the world, and involves indescribable cruelty and suffering,” said Ms Gamliel.

“Utilising the skin and fur of wildlife for the fashion industry is immoral.”

Anyone found breaking the law in Israel will face a fine of up to £17,000 or a year in prison.

The announcement was praised by Blue and White MK Miki Haimovich, a known advocate for animal rights who also chairs the Knesset’s Interior and Environmental Affairs Committee.

“Wearing fur should completely disappear from the world, as in this age there is no justification for killing animals just for the sake of wearing their fur for fashion or for heating. There are excellent substitutes that do not cause suffering and murder,” Haimovich said in a statement.

Read more from Respect here:

Sign the ‘Respect’ letter calling on Boris Johnson to back a fur ban:

Regards Mark

USA: Dairy – Dead On Arrival; A Dick Van Dam Dairy Investigation.

Dairy: Dead On Arrival

Animal Outlook investigator reveals her identity and exposes the truth behind the closed doors of the dairy industry.

After a two-year career working undercover inside several factory farms, Animal Outlook investigator Erin Wing now reveals her identity, stepping out of the shadows to shine a light on the stomach-churning horrors she witnessed at her most recent — and last — investigation at Dick Van Dam Dairy, a factory farm in Southern California.

While there, Erin documented some of the most egregious cruelties she has seen in her career, along with barbaric (yet standard) dairy industry practices. She was also able to rescue a calf who now lives at a sanctuary (more on the calf rescue below).

What Erin witnessed was one of many dairy farms in its death throes with innocent cows caught in the middle of a battle between a world progressing and an industry fighting tooth and nail to keep us entrenched in the past.

This shocking footage underscores the urgency to end this inherently cruel industry once and for all. It’s time for consumers to ditch dairy, and for companies like Dean Foods to pivot to vegan products.

Animal Outlook’s undercover footage revealed:

• Cows so sick or injured they are unable to walk subjected to extremely cruel treatment by workers who sprayed them in the face with high powered water hoses; kicked, jabbed and shocked them; and closed metal gates on them.

• Workers routinely lifting these so-called “downer” cows with a tractor and dragging them with a metal device called a “hip clamp.” They lifted one suffering cow this way and dangled her almost 20 feet in the air to move her over a wall, and then dragged her backward over a cement slab.

• Sick cows left to suffer without medication, veterinary care or euthanasia. They languished for days until they died on their own, with no access to food or water while they were unable to stand.

Workers and a manager hitting cows with wooden canes and metal pipes in daily acts of extreme aggression and violence, sometimes as a form of retaliation against the animals.

• Workers and managers punching and kicking cows, and twisting their tails.

• Squalid and filthy conditions – cows forced to walk through thick feces and newborn calves unable to escape thousands of flies covering their fragile bodies.

• Shocking mortality rates of cows and calves, as well as high rates of injuries and illnesses – likely resulting from the putrid conditions and lack of care and treatment. One calf was born dead,  and was pulled roughly from his or her mother. The mother cow didn’t have the benefit of pain management during this incredibly painful and rough incident.

• Cows repeatedly shocked with an electric prod as they were taken away to slaughter.

• Workers cruelly using automated gates to try to force cows to move in tightly packed spaces.

Turning hidden cameras into instruments of truth, undercover investigators are on the front lines of justice for animals — and consumers. Erin’s courage resulted in hidden camera footage that is changing the way the world sees what — and who — they’re eating. And the against-all-odds rescue of two young calves.

In more ways than one, dairy is dead on arrival. Cows must be pregnant in order to produce milk, so calves are mere byproducts to the industry. At Dick Van Dam, a slow and painful death was commonplace for calves. In one instance, a stillborn calf was pulled violently from his suffering mother. Many living calves were simply left in the hot California sun, covered in flies and slowly dying.

Meanwhile, consumers are slowly but surely realizing that the milk they drink does not come from happy cows, but relies on the broken bond between mother and child, and the violent exploitation of these individuals’ bodies. The dairy industry is dying, but not fast enough.

We also followed a truck carrying so-called “spent” cows from the factory farm to a stockyard. Later, we documented trucks going from that stockyard to American Beef Packers (ABP), the site of the former Westland/Hallmark Beef Packing plant that closed down after issuing a massive beef recall following the Humane Society of the United States’ 2008 undercover investigation, raising the question of whether this facility’s cows are ending up killed at this infamous site. ABP currently sells beef to the federal government for its National School Lunch Program.

Animal Outlook submitted investigative materials to county law enforcement agencies. Despite our overwhelming video evidence depicting dozens of apparent violations of California’s laws against animal cruelty and neglect, local law enforcement declined to recommend criminal charges. However, we are still actively pursuing justice for these animals through other means. And after reviewing the investigation, the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit against Dick Van Dam Dairy and the individuals caught on camera for violating state and local animal cruelty laws.

Regards Mark

That is peasant love!

“We love our animals”
… Farmers always tell us this when another animal scandal is uncovered.


Then listen to this tiny baby goat cry out in pain as the farmer pushes a red-hot metal stick into her head.

It has nothing to do with love. In technical jargon, this is called “dehorning”.

It is done to prevent the horns from growing. Of course without anesthetics, of course without painkillers, in order to have no costs for an animal.

That is peasant love!
Their brothers and sisters crouch in the corner and witness the traumatizing process before their turn.
This procedure is standard around the world.

Rock the Natur, Germany


And I mean…The reason that the farm animal lives at all is for any kind of satisfaction of human animals: if an animal is needed to eat, it is allowed to live. But if it is no longer needed, then it must not live. The slaughter comes then.

And no! humans have no right to decide that animals must be tortured and killed for their consumption.
That has always been the cornerstone of any fascist system.

So … do the carnivores claim that they don’t have to give a reason why animals are forcibly impregnated, imprisoned, deprived of their children, exploited, tortured, and killed when they are not productive? Seriously?

This is what you get from raising consumers and system servants instead of compassionate people.

At birth, every person has only positive qualities, such as love, honesty, justice, etc.
But the system does not benefit from it and breeds its members to be indifferent racists, speciesists, in a word: the system breeds us to be fascists against the “other” animals.

My best regards to all, Venus