Israel plans to BAN the fur trade.

England – From friend Mark Glover at ‘Respect for Animals’; fighting the international fur trade.

Israel plans to BAN the fur trade

Israel says it intends to ban the buying and selling of animal furs, apart from in specially approved cases, making it the first country to do so.

Announcing plans for new regulations, environmental protection minister Gila Gamliel said the use of skin and fur for the fashion industry was “immoral”.

Several cities – in the US, and São Paulo in Brazil – have banned the sale of animal fur. The state of California passed legislation to ban fur last autumn.

At present, anyone in Israel wishing to buy or sell fur must apply for a permit, but under the new rules this will only be allowed in cases of “scientific research, education or for instruction and for religious purposes or tradition”.

“The fur industry causes the killing of hundreds of millions of animals around the world, and involves indescribable cruelty and suffering,” said Ms Gamliel.

“Utilising the skin and fur of wildlife for the fashion industry is immoral.”

Anyone found breaking the law in Israel will face a fine of up to £17,000 or a year in prison.

The announcement was praised by Blue and White MK Miki Haimovich, a known advocate for animal rights who also chairs the Knesset’s Interior and Environmental Affairs Committee.

“Wearing fur should completely disappear from the world, as in this age there is no justification for killing animals just for the sake of wearing their fur for fashion or for heating. There are excellent substitutes that do not cause suffering and murder,” Haimovich said in a statement.

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Sign the ‘Respect’ letter calling on Boris Johnson to back a fur ban:

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