Day: October 26, 2020

Unextreme philosophy: animal rights!


In a world full of ignorance, indifference, and terror towards the weak, fighting for animal rights is not a feat.
It is a moral duty.
Wherever man exercises the fascist right of the strongest and sacrifices an animal for his own ends, he not only commits an injustice but a crime.
Fight this crime, be on the right side

Regards and good night, Venus

There is no plague of ladybugs, but a plague of humans

Is there currently a ladybug plague in Germany? (!!!)

In any case, these small insects can be seen everywhere. There is a reason for that.

They hang from house walls, sit in window frames or crawl around in apartments in the bathtub: at the moment, ladybugs are not only found in gardens and on plants. Whole swarms are currently spreading in completely new habitats.

Ladybird plague 2020: Insects are looking for winter quarters from October

But how does it come about? According to a report by the editorial network Germany (RND), the small insects are currently looking for suitable winter quarters again.

To do this, in October and November – at the beginning of the cold season – they set off in large swarms to warmer regions.

Actually, the ladybirds are mostly drawn to European countries, where the winter is rather mild. Due to the mild autumn days in Germany, the spotted beetles are also looking for a roost here.

Many ladybugs now fly around in swarms in this country. This is particularly noticeable because the insects often rest on their journey – the walls of houses or the windows of apartments, among other things, serve as resting places.

To one or the other, it may seem like a ladybug plague. Because especially if you leave your window open for a few hours, you have to expect the bugs to get lost in the house or apartment. But be careful: the insects cannot overwinter inside the living space, they need cool, frost-free rooms for their winter rest.

The harlequin ladybird from Asia is now more common than the native species in many regions of Germany. In autumn, the beetles sometimes unite to form large swarms in order to look for winter quarters together. Here some have settled down on the photographer’s pants for a break. – Photo: Helge May


Suitable winter quarters for ladybirds are piles of leaves, dead wood, moss blankets, tufts of grass, and cracks in piles of stones. There the beetles stay in their winter quarters until the next spring and lapse into rigidity.

Between March and April, when the temperatures rise, they leave their winter quarters again.

But if you feel disturbed (!!!) by the current accumulations of ladybugs in your own four walls, there are a few simple ways to get rid of the insects. Important: Ladybugs are absolutely harmless to humans – they should not be killed when they are disposed of.

A fly screen can prevent the bugs from nestling in the window frame.
There are also scents that keep the insects away. These include bay leaves, lavender, and vanilla.

By the way: The current plague of ladybirds mainly consists of beetles from Asia. The species of the so-called harlequin ladybird was initially not native to Germany but has spread more and more in recent decades. The appearance of the insects ranges from orange without spots to black with red spots. Its wings are light yellow to dark red.

The Asian ladybug usually has 19 black spots.

The seven-spotted ladybird is primarily native to Germany. In Central Europe alone, he and his relatives do it in over 70 different ways. There are about 6000 species of the ladybird family worldwide.


And I mean...No! I don’t feel bothered and I have a lot of red flying visitors at my house.
Most people talk about the ladybird plague, the media join in as always.

We have destroyed the climate, the seasons are no longer right, most animals lose their concept because of us.
Animals are just trying to adapt to this disaster, to survive, and we call their response “plague”.

I see only one plague, human plague 2020.

What are we doing? We pollute the environment.
We build roads and new settlements over forests and greenery
We are building everything with supermarkets plus fat parking spaces! We produce so much waste that the seas will soon die …

But … we perceive the over-presence of ladybugs as a plague!

We are the most harmful and stupid species on the planet.

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: If You Support Animal Welfare and a Better Environment; Then Please Read This From CBD and Follow.

Inside Joe Biden's Network of Climate Advisers - Scientific American

Last week, Trump attempted an insult by saying Joe Biden would “listen to the scientists.” 

Phew. Doesn’t that sound like a breath of fresh air? 

Not only have our scientists at the Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund endorsed Joe Biden, but for the first time in its 175-year history, Scientific American has endorsed a presidential candidate in Joe Biden. Recently Nature followed suit, saying: “Joe Biden’s trust in truth, evidence, science and democracy make him the only choice in the U.S. election.”

Let’s listen to the scientists and elect Joe Biden as our next president. Please make sure you vote in this election.

We are working together to create a wave of change that will remake our nation and protect our environment by electing leaders like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

For the future,

Dianne DuBois

Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund

2020 Endorsements

Hopefully Out – WAV.

EU: Oatly Slams EU Over ‘Incomprehensible’ Decision To Support ‘Dairy Ban’.

Oatly being labelled as plant-based milk in a supermarket

WAV Comment:

Our recent post:

Oatly Slams EU Over ‘Incomprehensible’ Decision To Support ‘Dairy Ban’

‘It isn’t so surprising considering there are more milk lobbyists in Brussels than actual cows in pasture during the summer months’

Oatly has slammed the EU Parliament after MEPs voted in favour of the ‘dairy ban’.

The proposal would stop plant-based dairy producers from using descriptive terms.

At this time, EU law already bans the use of terms including ‘almond milk’ or ‘vegan cheese’. However, the new rules would go further. 

Consequently, descriptors such as ‘yogurt-style’ and ‘cheese-alternative’ could now be banned too. In addition, the rules could prevent companies from using packaging styles such as butter blocks and milk cartons.


The Swedish oat milk giant has responded to the motion, describing it as ‘wacko’ and ‘incomprehensible’ direction to take ‘in the middle of a climate crisis’. 

It isn’t so surprising considering there are more milk lobbyists in Brussels than actual cows in pasture during the summer months,” the brand said.

“…And when the Milk Lobby decides to flex its protein-rich muscles we all know what happens—the public loses out. 

“How will consumers now be able to easily compare different food products in order to make more informed decisions about what they eat?”

‘A major blow’

 Vice President of ProVeg International Jasmijn de Boo – who spearheaded the campaign against both the dairy and veggie burger ban – described the motion as a ‘major blow to the plant-based dairy sector’.

She added: “Plant-based dairy businesses could now be saddled with significant financial burdens and practical challenges. 

“These include renaming, rebranding, and remarketing of products and the potential of high legal costs.”


South Korea: Pre Election Promises That, Once Elected, Become Non Reality.

Pre election promises that, once elected, become non reality.

President Moon of South Korea was elected in 2017; one of his election promises was that he was going to tackle, and make ‘war’ with those involved in the live dog meat farming business.  We all remember him smiling while holding the little dogs – here was the hero who would tackle the trade.  See one of our past posts with pictures of him cuddling dogs at:

In our post; which related to Covid disease, we stated:

“President Moon; you have failed your nation and you should have lived up to your pre election promises to take action for meat dogs. Kind of ‘Karma’ from the dogs one could say” !

Image result for south korea dog meat farms
Image result for south korea dog meat farms

We know that Covid came from wet markets and from deplorable conditions for animals who had to suffer in them.  Korean dog meat farms are NO different – animals constantly under stress; no hygiene, no veterinary care – the perfect breeding ground for disease and Covid 19.

President Moon failed to tackle the dog meat industry early on when he was elected.  Illegal dog farms continue to be exposed to this very day.  Covid is still a major issue to this day.  Would you not have thought that unsanitary conditions such as those at illegal dog meat farms would have been tackled early on in 2018; rather than the constant ignorance we have witnessed from the Korean government ?

As we said in our post, the suffering that Korean citizens have endured due to Covid is a kind of ‘Karma’ from the dogs on the illegal farms; the government failed them since the 1027 elections, fails them now and probably will continue to fail them.


Korean dog campaigners have this to say:

We were very hopeful when South Korean president Moon Jae-In, took office in 2017. President Moon Jae-In has a pet dog, and we hoped that he might finally bring the dog and cat meat trade to an end in South Korea. However, President Moon has done absolutely nothing to improve the lives of companion animals.

The dog and cat meat trade continues while President Moon’s administration supports the shameful and illegal industry by turning a blind eye and taking no action to end it. Let’s urge President Moon to end the unethical and cruel dog and cat meat trade in his country once and for all, and to bring honour to his country and their citizens. Please take action today!

Click here for further action for the dogs:

Please do what you can to spread the word for action to stop the dog meat trade.

Thanks and regards


Visit the website at  for a huge range of actions that you can get involved with.  Select your language from the list at the top.