Make no mistakes


The next time you walk out with a puppy, a cosmetically designed breed, from a breeder, from a puppy mill, a pet store, another dog is being walked somewhere else, for the last time.

Street animals are not FROM the street. They are ON the street.

Stray animals were once family members. They were faithful, happy, thankful for giving them a home.
Brainless people, without moral education, without any responsibility for the fate of the weaker ones, have put them on the street.

Therefore there is endless misery ON the street.
Don’t make this misery greater, make no mistake, and never buy your friend from a breeder.

Visit the animal shelter in your area and there will be someone waiting for you to be your friend for life.

“saving a street dog will not change the world but, without a doubt, the world will change for him”

Have a good night, Venus

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