USA: Idaho Opens First-Ever Swan Hunting Season – But Hunters Have to Have Training to Identify the Bird and Use ‘Non Toxic’ Shot; Despite Killing !! – Dead Sounds Toxic To Us.

Hunters fined $19,000 for shooting swan | CBC News

Idaho opens first-ever swan hunting season

WAV Comment – So the hunters have to use ‘non toxic shot’ as part of the rules. Non toxic or not; the swans will be killed by the hunter psyxhos – so why is this one of the ‘rules’ ? – we must not harm the hunters with toxins must we. And they have to be trained to identify the bird !! – sounds really pathetic.

In August, 50 tags were issued first-come, first-serve for Idaho’s first ever swan hunting season; those who were early to the draw will get to participate when the season opens October 19.

Swan hunting will only be available in Benewah, Bonner, Boundary and Kootenai counties, and runs until December 1.

Hunters will be limited to one swan bagged per day and one swan possession per day; they are also encouraged to take the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s swan orientation course to get familiar with identifying the bird.

Hunters also have to follow these rules:

  • Have a swan tag
  • Have a migratory bird permit
  • Have a federal migratory bird stamp
  • Have a shotgun that holds no more than three shells
  • Have non-toxic shot

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