Germany: mass murder on the march

In Brandenburg, Germany’s heart of the African pig plague, all wild boars are to be killed in the vicinity of the “core zone”, in which the first wild boars infected with African swine fever (ASF) were found.

Brandenburg intends to allow wild boar hunting with the night- sights in the near future. The relevant technology is ready for collection at the authority. But first, the “fence” has to be ready.

The authorities in Brandenburg are currently working intensively on plans to get the core zone free from wild boars. As confirmed by the Ministry of Agriculture in Brandenburg, both night sights and special wild boar traps are used when shooting.
These are currently being transported and set up in the core zone.

The night sights are available from the forest authorities. The ministry emphasizes that hunting activities can only start once the security fence is in place.

A commission of EU Veterinarians has recommended designating a “white zone” within five kilometers of the already existing core zone.
In this “white zone”, which is bordered by solid “wild boar-proof” fences, all wild boars are to be killed.

The material for the outer fence around the white zone will be delivered on Thursday (October 1st, 2020). Construction should then start on Friday. It is currently unclear when the ring around the actual core zone can be closed.

Hunting on ALL wild boars

In the so-called “white zone”, maternal protection is also temporarily suspended (!!!)
That means that all wild boars are hunted. This also includes leading brooks. This is absolutely necessary for the epidemic protection measures, according to the Ministry.

For the control measures, the authorities want to ask not only state officials but also local hunters who are familiar with the core area for help.
It is said, but it has not yet been conclusively clarified that the police and the armed forces will also be requested.

The responsible state veterinarian makes the decision.

And I mean…A stupid minister and his constituents refuse to explain to us how the virus can get into hermetically sealed pigsties.
Certainly not by a herd of wild boars.

Max Planck and Einstein thought hunters were psychopaths.
When I read that the hunters will also shoot youngsters, this opinion is confirmed.
Killing parent animals on which freshlings depend is an act of sadism and has nothing to do with preventive hunting.

In wild boars, for example, only the alpha female (Leitbach) in a herd usually reproduces. This limits the uncontrolled reproduction by several females in the pack and ensures that no more wild boars live in the area than can be feed there.
But for the moment and because of the intensive hunting of the wild boar, young wild boars that were born in spring were pregnant again in autumn!!

Wild boars are very useful for the forest, they dig up the ground and bury acorns, beechnuts, and other seeds that are used for natural regeneration.
Wild boars are gardeners of the forest.

The whole action is terrorist Zooicide.
Or to put it another way: if the ministry names such a planned massacre as swine fever management – then genocide is also humanitarian aid!

My best  regards to all, Venus

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