Italy: the mafia methods of hunters

Mafia methods: After we had one success after another in Italy this autumn, our opponents are now reaching into the bottom drawer of the bag of tricks: One of our employees received a threatening letter to his private address yesterday:
“Now we know where you live. It’s just a matter of time. You better bring your daughter to the grandparents ”.

Not that we’re particularly scared – it just shows once more what poachers are made of.

Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e.V.


And I mean…Whoever massacres defenseless animals uninhibitedly loses all sensitivity to his fellow human beings too.
The hunt leads to dehumanization.

Max Planck and Einstein thought hunters were psychopaths. When I read what methods they use to murder and intimidate, this opinion is confirmed.
Hunters have no task in nature, they do not belong to nature at all.

Hunters are pathetic monsters, who are allowed to continue to exist as such because our society tolerates them, covers them, or is indifferent to their crimes against the weaker.


Regards and good night, Venus

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