Danish Mink (Fur) Farmers To Now Set Up Business In Sweden ?

Info from contact Hans in Sweden:

Shocking HSI investigation reveals terror, suffering of foxes and mink on  Finland's fur farms · A Humane World
Pic – HSI

BREAKING NEWS regarding the mink farming issue in Denmark. Now, it appears that it will be in Sweden instead. Because mink farming is banned in Denmark for 2021, Danish mink farmers now want to start up their buisness again. Not in Denmark, but in neighbouring country Sweden instead where it’s still legal despite pandemic!

Sweden could very well become the new Denmark, with tens of millions of mink farmed and killed every year. As it is now, there are about 40 fur farms in Sweden. The introduction of Danish fur farmers in Sweden is “warmly welcomed” by the Swedish mink industry for “job opportunities” in Southern Sweden. Out of the 8 parties in the Parliament of Sweden, 6 supports fur farming and would welcome this addition to the Swedish fur industry.


Google translated article:

“The mink industry is wiped out and banned in Denmark after the corona mutation that led to a mass death of 15 million minks.

Several of the country’s mink breeders are now looking to Sweden to start again.

– We are obviously very positive about it, says Jörgen Martinsson, CEO of Swedish mink.

The news about the Danish minks has received international attention during the autumn.

It was when a mutated variant of the corona virus was discovered on several mink farms in the country that a professor went out and warned that Denmark could become “a new Wuhan”. The government acted forcefully and demanded that all minks in the country – about 15 million – be killed.

In November, the next blow came to the mink industry. The Danish government then banned all mink industry from being conducted throughout 2021.

– Danish mink industry as we know it is gone. It is a grief without its equal and a shocking decision for the mink industry in Denmark but also in the rest of Europe, says Jörgen Martinsson, CEO of the industry organization Swedish mink.

Most farms in southern Sweden
Recently, about ten Danish mink breeders have contacted Swedish mink to review the possibility of establishing their operations in Sweden instead, says Jörgen Martinsson.

– We are of course very positive that Danish breeders are interested. Partly because we have had a lot of collaborations and exchanges with Danish breeders for a long time, partly because they have long experience and great competence in this.

The discussions have been both about taking over existing farms in Sweden but also starting their own farms on Swedish soil.

– It is mostly in southern Sweden, this is where the best opportunities are, says Martinsson.

Last fall 15 September
The mutation that was discovered on mink farms seems to be extinct – the last confirmed case was on 15 September.

Since the first outbreak, about 15 million minks have been killed. Anyone who has not yet killed their mink must do so by 15 January, but the mink breeders are still waiting for the promised financial compensation from the government.

– It is still chaos in different ways. A political chaos which, of course, entailed great uncertainty. How is the Danish mink industry feeling today? It is not possible to answer because it does not really exist anymore, says Jörgen Martinsson.”

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