England: Viva! Have A New Website – Well Worth A Look.

WAV Comment – Viva is based in Bristol, England; but has now also set up a major facility in Poland – see the Viva! Poland link below to enter the site; there should also be a ‘translate’ link for you to use if you wish.

Viva! Have now set up a brand new website, and we have provided some links to areas below. 

Take a trip and investigate further one of the UK’s leading Vegan animal organisations:

From Viva !:

2021 – the perfect opportunity to clear away the cobwebs and make way for new beginnings. And that’s exactly what we’ve done with our new website.

We have been busy working away behind the scenes on a brand new website, and we really do mean brand new!

We have developed four stylish and vibrant sections of the new site, which represent the four key tenets of our work; Viva! Animals, Viva! Health, Viva! Planet and Viva! Lifestyle. Each section is beautifully designed and colour coded, with current, fully-referenced content.

When it comes to web, first impressions are everything. It takes web users just 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about a website. So your opinion matters to us!

From WAV – we have supplied the following short cut links for you:


Viva! – The Vegan Charity

Animals – Animals | Viva! – The Vegan Charity

Health – Vegan Health & Nutrition Based on Science | Viva! Health

Planet – Planet | Viva! – The Vegan Charity

Lifestyle – Lifestyle | Viva! – The Vegan Charity

Who we are – Who we are | Viva! – The Vegan Charity

Meet the Team – Staff | Viva! – The Vegan Charity

Media Centre – Media centre | Viva! – The Vegan Charity

Viva! Poland – Viva! Walczymy o konie i inne zwierzęta. Dbamy o bezdomne psy i koty.

Regards Mark

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