Indonesia: Extreme Weather Tears Through Orangutan Rescue Facility – Can You Help With A Donation ?

WAV Comment:

Please do what you can to support this wonderful organisation who are experiencing problems at the moment due to extreme weather.

We have donated today to help them rebuild and continue with their wonderful work to save Orangutan.

See their great work here:

Regards Mark

The following is a message from BOS Foundation:


It’s been a difficult week watching extreme weather tear through our Indonesian communities at an alarming rate.

Exceptionally high levels of rainfall also affected our Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre at Samboja Lestari.

Small landslides even left some orangutan islands uninhabitable.

This incident has had a significant impact on orangutans who had grown accustomed to living in open areas such as in the forest school and the pre-release islands, but were suddenly forced to live in cages.

Normally, your regular BOSF January newsletter would talk about the year ahead, but these aren’t normal times.

The team and I have had no choice but to start the new year focused on repairing the islands.

Will you be a part of that effort, ?

With your gift of $25 or more we can come together to repair these orangutans’ homes!

Donation Link:

Flooding Aftermath Leaves Orangutan Islands Uninhabitable


Thank you for caring as much as we do about the orangutans, their island homes, and their rehabilitation journey.

Dr. Jamartin Sihite
BOS Foundation CEO


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