The European Federation for Hunting feels offended!

Statement of the “Committee Against Bird Murder”:

The umbrella organization of the European Hunting Associations (FACE = European Federation for Hunting and Conservation) has reacted to our press release on the subject of lovebird hunting and never tires of justifying the shooting down of millions of threatened migratory birds.

In a letter to the British magazine “Independent”, which reported last week about our campaign against lovebird hunting in Italy, FACE President Torbjörn Larsson complained about what he believed to be “reputational reporting” and justified the shooting of lovebirds by saying that Hunters reportedly created “thousands of acres” of protected areas for the species.

We have summarized in an open letter to FACE why this claim is nonsense and why lovebirds must be protected from hunters across Europe.

You can find our statement (in English) here:

And I mean…The president of this EU hunting association and of the Nordic Hunters Alliance, the Swede Larsson said in an interview:Is it not usually the Hunters’ Association’s attitude that there should be as liberal rules as possible for hunting and then each hunter must decide for himself or herself whether he or she wants to hunt?”

No, it is not!
In today’s civilized society, there is no place for hunting.
Hunting is a hobby for psychopaths.

Because … what state of mind can I expect in someone who cowardly shoots an animal while eating or flying its flight routes, although he does not need its flesh and skin for life and then calles this as a “hobby”, “nature conservation”, “Species protection”, “epidemic protection” or “tradition”?

So .. and now the 7 million members of the EU Hunter Association must have something to shoot, so let’s go for lovebirds this time

The only reason hunting even exists is because a strong and ruthless political lobby supports them, who are hunters themselves.

Wherever you are in the world, that your bigger problem is the hunter law that makes it legal carry a weapon with no purpose.

In addition:  If you like shooting defenseless animals, nobody can damage your reputation. There is simply no more good reputation to lose.

My best regards to all, Venus

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