Sea Shepherd: There are many ways to save animals

#ThrowbackThursday# – Sea Shepherd

March 1979 – The Sea Shepherd was the first ship to go to the ice fields off the Eastern Coast of Canada for the sole purpose of protecting seals.

Before being arrested for approaching a seal hunt without permission of the government, Sea Shepherd crewmembers saved over a thousand baby seals by spraying their white pelts with an indelible organic dye to render them commercially worthless.

In March 1980, Captain Paul Watson was banned from the ice fields and the sealing areas for three years.

In March 1981 Captain Watson lead a crew with three ocean kayaks to the Gulf of St. Lawrence despite his parole order. Hundreds of seals were sprayed with harmless blue dye effectively saving their lives.

Captain Paul Watson’s conviction of 1980 was later overturned on appeal.
These and later interventions, plus high profile supporters helped start the demise of the Canadian fur seal hunt.

With recent moves by the EU to ban seal imports and major fashion houses across the globe to stop the use of any kind of fur in their designs, the end of a 40-year battle may finally be in sight.

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And I mean…When I see how many fashion designers have banned fur from their creations in recent years, how many countries have closed their fur farms and how many department stores in Germany and throughout Europe have said goodbye to fur, then our fight has already had a positive result that strengthens us and we will continue to fight this fight.

My best regards to all, Venus

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