Germany: Animal cruelty is the standard in pig fattening

New research reveals problems with the system

Once again the German Animal Welfare Office uncovered massive animal cruelty in a pig fattening facility.
The recordings from the halls of the facility are difficult to bear.

Many of the animals have curly tails.
Some have bloody injuries on their legs, so that the animals can only move with great pain.
In some animals, abscesses the size of a handball have already formed, which are clearly not treated by a veterinarian.

The extent of neglect is unimaginable.
Many of the animals seem apathetic, others are dying.

The recordings come from one of the largest pig fattening facilities in Lower Saxony, in the municipality of Merzen.

Particularly spicy: the owner and co-operator of this facility is the deputy mayor of the municipality of Merzen (!!!).
Over the years, the conservative politician has built up an opaque family-company network.
He and his family members operate various mast systems.

More than 100,000 euros in EU funding are received every year.
These are financed by taxes that we all pay.

This is not the first time that politicians who operate fattening facilities themselves have come under fire for violating the Animal Welfare Act.
We have informed the responsible veterinary office.
This found massive irregularities during controls.
The office immediately initiated regulatory and criminal proceedings. We have also filed a criminal complaint.
The investigation is already underway.

System problems

With this research, we have discovered animal cruelty in pig fattening facilities in Lower Saxony for the sixth time within a very short time.
We can no longer speak of “unfortunate individual cases”.

Animal cruelty is the standard in pig fattening.
This is exactly why we are launching a campaign today that highlights the most common problems with conventional pig fattening:

Cramped and overcrowded stalls, in which each pig is only allowed 1 m2 of space according to the law; hard slatted floors that the animals have to stand on all their lives; Illnesses and injuries that are not always taken care of by a veterinarian; little or no daylight; …

The list is long! For pigs, which are naturally very curious, intelligent creatures, such conditions are pure hell.
How much this environment stresses and frustrates the animals is shown, among other things, by the fact that they start to bite each other’s curly tails.

In view of this systematic cruelty to animals, we see ourselves confirmed once again in recommending that consumers stop consuming animal products and eat a purely plant-based diet.
There are great recipes that no pig or other animal had to suffer for, you can find them here.
Please also share the video with your friends and acquaintances to make them aware of the suffering of the pigs.

(Note for the video: it is in German, but everything that is told in the video is also reported in the article. And the pictures speak for themselves, even without words)

And I mean...The system runs like clockwork.
Perfidious – sneaky and despicable.

The scandal is not that there was, once again, a meat breeder and mayor who acted criminally, but that there are two-legged specimens who believe that it is ethically acceptable to keep animal beings in extermination camps for extermination purposes.

The scandal is these human primates who are still practicing the Auschwitz death actions with the support of the peasant lobby, and have not understood that the fascism of that time is no longer used, neither for human nor for non-human animals.

The only thing missing now is investigations that are suspended for flimsy reasons and the picture of a corrupt system is complete.

My best regards to all, Venus

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