German pig fattening: pigs eat one another

Press release from the “SOKO animal welfare organization”

In 2016 we uncovered the total failure of the Alb-Donau district in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Only the use of “SOKO Tierschutz” caused the closure.
The veterinarian, who failed for years and simply didn’t want to notice anything about the drama, got away with it.

(The text in the video is described in the article)

His boss protects him and continues to lead the office.

What has changed? A new farm in a place nearby, Berghülen. Another pig farm is located here.
The last name is curiously the same.
Horror reigns in the courtyard.
Severely mutilated pigs, lonely death without water and feed in the dirt.
Carcasses everywhere you look.
Pigs eat one another.

The carcass bins fill up continuously.
Such horror and chaos develop over the years.
Has this neglected establishment been checked?
We provoke it and inform the veterinary office.
Hidden cameras show what happens then.
Shortly before the inspection, there is hectic cleaning.
A carcass is quickly removed.
Then the vets come. It is Dr. G. and his boss Dr. B.
When checking, they overlook the pig, which is quickly hidden in the middle of a corridor.

One week after the inspection, SOKO activists discovered the rotting animal at the same location.
The carcass barrels, which were not even examined during the entire inspection, are filled with illegally killed pigs after the inspection.
The keeper shot the animals in the head, but did not kill them with a throat cut as prescribed.
That means slow death with extreme pain from the head wound.
The veterinary office does not notice anything.
Dying continues in the company.
Animals rot in the corridor and the bad head injuries over and over again.

The recordings in the video also show the brutal handling of the animals.
The farmer throws animals on the ground and carries pigs screaming in fear around his ears.
“A terrible degree of brutality and one apparently feels so safe that decaying carcasses were simply left behind immediately after an inspection,” describes the SOKO animal welfare spokesman.

SOKO Tierschutz demands that the pig breeding facility be closed immediately and that there are finally severe consequences in the authorities.
“This vet and his boss should be fired immediately and the farmers must be banned from keeping animals for life,” the SOKO spokesman demands.

Incapable veterinarians, an unscrupulous farmer and his wife and the people for whom this little pig child is only meat are responsible for this fate.

(Photos: SOKO Tierschutz)

And I mean…How can you actually write something about it?

The horror piece begins with a farmer who shoots his animals on the head with one shot, and lets them perish in indescribable pain.
The fact that the conditions in the new facility worsened despite the intervention of the veterinary office and that there were new criminal offenses shows that the animal keepers do not have to fear the authority.
It stayed with the chaos of suffering and death. It even got worse.

This mixture of horror consists of farmer, office, politics and customer.
The first three go hand in hand in corruption and cruelty to animals, and have caused the worst animal welfare scandals for decades, especially in pig fattening.

And then there are the customers who keep eating pork because it tastes so good.
And best of all, cheap.
The meat in Germany is cheaper than anywhere else in Western Europe. You can safely double the price and it’s still cheaper than abroad. That’s why nobody in Germany goes hungry. Those who go hungry have very different problems than the reason they go hungry.

Nevertheless, there are some who claim that we have one of the best animal welfare laws here and that only German products are animal welfare … that is NOT true.
There are a number of countries with much stricter animal protection (by the way, Germany also works with animal tests in comparison with the EU with shameful protection).

It is nasty typical chauvinistic behavior and nasty complacency of the Germans always to be the best.

My best regards to all, Venus

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