USA: N.J. could soon ban new cosmetics that are developed or tested on animals.

WAV Comment – Excellent news, and what a vote result ! – Well done NJ, looking towards progress.

N.J. could soon ban new cosmetics that are developed or tested on animals –

N.J. could soon ban new cosmetics that are developed or tested on animals

By Matt Arco | NJ Advance Media for

State lawmakers took another step Thursday to beef up the New Jersey rules against selling cosmetics that have been tested on animals.

Both houses of the state Legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill that bans the sale of any cosmetics that have been developed or tested on animals beginning January 2020. The prohibition applies even when tests were performed outside of New Jersey.

PETA protests treatment of animals being used in drug testing
New Jersey lawmakers said they want to discourage all companies from testing products on animals. They passed a bill Thursday that would ban the sale of new cosmetics in the state that were developed or tested on animals.NJ Advance Media for

The state already bans animal testing on cosmetics when there’s an alternative testing method, such as using engineered human tissue or computer models. But lawmakers said they want to totally end the practice and send a message to companies that still engage in the practice.

“Cosmetic testing on animals is not only unnecessary and oftentimes ineffective, but it contributes to the serious suffering of animals,” state Sen. Joseph Lagana, D-Bergen, said.

“It is heartbreaking to know what these animals endure for days or weeks,” Lagana added. “This bill will make it illegal for any product that was animal tested to be sold in New Jersey, incentivizing companies to stop this unethical practice.”

The legislation (S1726) was sent to Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk by a 74-0 vote in the state Assembly with one abstention and 35-0 in the state Senate.

Violators can get hit with a $1,000 fine.

“Animal testing for cosmetic products was instituted in the 1940s,” the Assembly prime sponsors — Anthony Verrelli, D-Mercer; Lisa Swain, D-Bergen; and Andrew Zwicker, D-Middlesex — said in a joint statement

“Since then we have made many testing advancements and the procedures once used are now very outdated,” they said. “We are able to ensure products are safe by using modern methods that do not include harming animals.”

There’s an exception if testing on animals is required by federal or state regulator authorities, according to the bill.

Positive thinking; positive vote, positive moves for the future.

Regards Mark

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