USA: Please Support the ‘Farm System Reform Act’ With One Click.


Yesterday, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and Representative Ro Khanna of California reintroduced their landmark legislation, the Farm System Reform Act. This crucial bill would decrease the number of farmed animals kept in extreme confinement and subjected to brutal mutilations, as well as reduce the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture.

Animals raised on factory farms are among the most abused in the world. Yet, there are hardly any federal protections for them in the United States. Big corporations turn massive profits by cramming these animals into barren sheds and massive feedlots. As a result, billions of them suffer miserable lives, not to mention the environmental toll factory farming has on our planet.

We need your support to pass the Farm System Reform Act, which would create the first-ever nationwide ban on large factory farms, helping to end one of the greatest sources of cruelty to animals in the world.

In addition to reducing the number of animals raised in low-welfare factory farms, the Farm System Reform Act also calls for uplifting independent family farmers, protecting workers, rural communities and public health, and overhauling our broken food system.

We’ve made it incredibly easy to contact your members of Congress with just one click.

Please act now for farmed animals, the environment, and America’s family farmers. Urge lawmakers in Washington to support the Farm System Reform Act.

Donate to World Animal Protection and protect animals! (

Joe Loria
Meat Reduction Campaign Manager

Please Support – Thanks

Regards Mark

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