Germany- activist camp in the north: “Shot down the animal industry”!

After a legal dispute, on Monday, 12. July, a protest camp against factory farming started in Goldenstedt (a municipality in Lower Saxony).

There is space for around 500 people in the tent city in a nature reserve. The district wanted to ban the camp, but failed before the Lüneburg Higher Administrative Court, for a security deposit of 10,000 euros.
The number of participants has increased from around 180 to 230 people.
Animal protection and climate activists want to stay there until Saturday.

A “mass action of civil disobedience” is planned. The farmers in the area are displeased.

It was not by chance that the activists chose the community of 10,000 residents as the location for the camp.
The PHW Group is only a few kilometers away. The company is the largest German poultry meat concern, and its “Wiesenhof” brand is best known.
“Sure, that’s the reason why we’re here,” says one of the organizers, Franziska Klein. It is also about networking with local agronomically critical groups.
The region is one of the strongholds of intensive animal husbandry in Germany.
Anyone walking around here wearing a t-shirt that says “Meat is Murder” will attract attention.

The organizers of the camp, the “Alliance against the Animal Industry”, had announced in the past few days that they wanted to disrupt the group’s operations with various actions under the motto “PHW ade”.
The access road, which was previously open to the public, became the property of Paul Wesjohann & Co. at the end of June, the municipality has sold the road!!
Only later is the council supposed to have approved the sale in a closed meeting.

Barricaded: The PHW Group, to which the “Wiesenhof” brand belongs, has been protecting itself against unwelcome visitors with four-meter-high walls since last weekend!!

The PHW Group does not comment on the protest camp in Goldenstedt, which was approved by the Oldenburg administrative court. The camp organizers announced actions of civil disobedience.

According to a spokesman, Wiesenhof also did not want to comment on the camp.

Many farmers in the area are outraged that the camp has been allowed. “A lot of tax money is wasted again because the police have to protect farmers from alleged animal rights activists”, said a farmer in a radio interview in Lower Saxony.

In addition, rumors of alleged acts of sabotage and threats are said to circulate in chat groups. A spokeswoman for the alliance denied the allegations.

“We are not planning any actions that would harm people or animals”, she said.

The police described the farmers’ statements as pure speculation, there are no safety concerns.,goldenstedt238.html

And I mean…“The road to the PHW Group premises is barricaded with around four-meter-high wooden panels.”

Why? Do they have something to hide, that they want to wall themselves in, hold guards in front of them and curtail basic rights?
If everything were fine, if there was paradise on earth for animals, as they claim, they wouldn’t really have to do that, would they?
What are they hiding there? What can you imagine …

“A lot of tax money is wasted again because the police have to protect farmers from alleged animal rights activists”, said a farmer in a radio interview.

Some farmers certainly see documentation of animal cruelty in their mega stables as militant actions and try to put this under repression with the help of the state.

The millionaire and former head of the largest German poultry company PHW (Wiesenhof brand) Paul-Heinz Wesjohann said in an interview:
“Modern poultry farming is a great social act. It made the former luxury product meat affordable for the masses “.

Wesjohann has been awarded the “Federal Cross of Merit”.
One can also bring it to the Federal Cross of Merit with the massive torture and killing.

Fortunately, they still exist, people, courageous people, responsible people who make independent judgments, make decisions and act responsibly. Yes, act!
They have our fully support!

My best regards to all, Venus

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