Germany: “Shark City” Prison will not be built!

Do you remember that story we published four years ago?
It was about building a shark aquarium in southern Germany.
An investor wanted to build the biggest shark aquarium in Europe: “Shark City”.
There were protests, letters, demonstrations against a new prison for these intelligent animals.

Today we received very good news!!
The translation of the mail I received:

“Since this week it is certain that the “Shark City” shark aquarium will not be built.
This saves countless sharks from capture and a painful life in captivity.

A group of investors originally wanted to build the large aquarium in Sinsheim in Baden-Württemberg (southern Germany).
After massive protests by residents and animal and species protection organizations from all over Germany, the operators relocated the construction project to Pfungstadt in Hesse.

Even before the public found out about it, the city council in Pfungstadt voted to sell urban land to investors.
But resistance was also very massive in Pfungstadt.
Within a very short time, the local shark protectors managed to collect enough signatures for a referendum, which was rejected by the city council.

In 2019, the operators submitted a development plan.
Then Shark City suddenly became quiet.
In May of this year it became known that the property reservation had expired without the purchase contract being signed.
The operators did not show up at a date agreed with the city. The company disappeared from the Internet.

This week the city council in Pfungstadt repealed all resolutions regarding the shark aquarium.

“animal public” has repeatedly intervened with the responsible politicians and the responsible authorities against the construction of the shark aquarium and supported the active citizens on site.

We are pleased that countless animals have been spared a short, dreary existence in captivity.
This was only possible thanks to the cooperation of numerous organizations and active citizens, whom we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts.
Such successes give hope because they show that we can change a lot together.

Thank you very much for your compassion and support”

Animal Public

And I mean…When the famous German playwright and librettist Bertolt Brecht was asked what is the point of all the resistance against the Nazi regime at the time, the dead victims, the prisoners … he thought a little and said: “Without us, they would have had it much easier” .
With us this is now a reality, the shark prison belongs to history!

What do we learn from it?
United and active, we can also achieve great things.

My best regards to all, Venus

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