Views from an excursion

It should be a “two-day” short vacation in Switzerland.
We decided not to talk about animals, for only two days we wanted to forget animal suffering and just enjoy nature at 3,000 meters above sea level.

Titlis-The summit under the bright sun

It became different, and it became more beautiful than we thought.
And by that I mean again when it comes to animals.
The beautiful city of Engelberg is the last stop where you have to leave your car or bus.
From then on you can only go up on foot or by gondola.
And this journey up to the top was what immediately made us feel good.

In addition to the fantastic mountain landscape with its gorges and dark fir trees, free-range cows grazed everywhere and they had an enormous amount of space available.
People who are neutral towards animals also notice it immediately, because they are almost the only inhabitants in the landscape.

Trübsee- happy cows

The higher we gindelt, the rarer the trees became.
The place where we finally arrived and wanted to stay overnight was called “Trübsee”.

That means “cloudy sea” in German, but it was anything but cloudy, because the lake gets the water from the waterfalls that flow through the glaciers and is actually nothing other than melted ice.
We soon realized that we had started talking about animals again.
The cows were everywhere.

Trübsee- cows by the lake

They had no trees, because the place is at an altitude of 1,800 meters, but in the event of a thunderstorm or a piercing sun there was accommodation, usually a stable that was open and the animals could freely come in and out.
The night was cold and you go to bed early there, because otherwise there is nothing but gray glitters, clear, thin air and a very unpredictable nature that creates a violent thunderstorm in a few seconds and suddenly calms down again and a starry sky comes out.
For the very few residents of the village, the day starts very early and we did it that way.
Especially because we wanted to visit the highest peak, Titlis!
At an altitude of 3,060 meters!
During the gondola ride, it was immediately clear to us that we didn’t have the right shoes because there was only snow.
You could also find some green stripes, but the landscape was white !!

When we came back down it was already noon.
The hotel manager was surprised when we asked about vegan food.
“Everything comes from the cows you see, meat, milk, cheese … everything is from our happy cows …” he said, pointing out the grazing animals.
We did not discuss animal ethics and principles with the hotel manager, but on the walk we took after lunch we could really see that the cows were happy.

Trübsee-the cows greet us in a friendly manner and have accompanied us a few meters on our lap

All cows were meat cows, there were none dairy cows.
The animals were clean, well fed, and had clean water from the lake everywhere. No secretion from the nose, no injuries!
There were only electric fences where their paths could cross those of the hikers, otherwise they could choose where to lie, where to graze, where to jump.

It is clear that a happy life for animals can only arise where there is space and freedom.
These animals had it. We petted many, they were curious and tame, and as soon as we made acquaintance, they continued to follow us on our way.

Trübsee- ready to come with you

Now that I am writing these lines, I notice that this short vacation was again accompanied by animal life and animal experiences.
At least with happy experiences.
One thing is certain: we will visit Titlis again soon.
We made friends with some animals there and we want to see them again.

My best regards to all, Venus

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