ALF exempts 400 guineas pigs from laboratory deliveries

Received anonymously:

In January we read an ALF report about a salamander liberation at a UK pet breeder who was selling animals to vivisection laboratories and it peaked our interest.

By chance we stumbled upon an animal delivery at a local “Pets At Home”.
Sticky fingers helped us collect an invoice from the front of the delivery van whilst they were unloading into the store and we found the address of a breeder.

We did some research; the breeder we had found was the biggest “Pets At Home” supplier in the country, delivering all across England. Surprisingly, that was not the only thing we found.

Thanks to a handy list of historical ALF raids against vivisection we learnt that the breeder had already been visited by the ALF during the 80s and 90s, where they liberated hamsters, mice and rats.

It seems that the pet industry has a dirty little vivisection secret.
They are not supplying labs that need sterile environment animals, but pet breeders are obviously being used as a cheap resource for uni labs and experiments that do not require toxicology or pharmaceutical handling.

We raided their guinea pig breeding operation.
With the amount of pregnant females, we estimate the number of liberated animals to be 400+.

They will see nothing but freedom. They will not be a thing people can buy at a Pets at Home, or a test subject to be tortured and then discarded in the name of ‘experimentation’.

Now that we know what they are up to, they should expect us to target them relentlessly. We do not give up.

We want to send our solidarity to the beagles inside MBR Acres, to Camp Beagle and to Free the MBR Beagles campaign.

Turns out MBR has a side hustle in the pet industry too!

Together we can shut them down and they should fear the escalation that will come.


And I mean…A new footage is filmed at MBR Acres in Cambridgeshire – right here in the UK – a factory farm where mothers are kept and forced to spend their entire lives as puppy-producing machines, allegedly churning out a total of between 1,600 and 2,000 offspring for medical testing each year.

So this is what our taxpayers money is going towards?

Beagles in the lab at MBR Acres Ltd- Nothing so clearly testifies to the bigotry and wretchedness of our speciesist morality as such photos.

Many of these horrific tests involve repeatedly force-feeding or forcing dogs to inhale substances for weeks, months, or even more than a year to measure the effects of repeat exposure on the liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, and nervous system.

Anyone who knows and has studied the history of the “Third Reich” knows what makes animal experimenters tick. Their actions are 100% identical to the mass murderers of that time.

Then there are unscrupulous politicians as cooperation partners and financiers of the laboratory mafia and this criminal cartel will stay alive as long as we do nothing.

Many thanks to the ALF activists. We are grateful to you!

My best regards to all, Venus

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