Crocs goes vegan- the vegan industry is growing

The shoe brand Crocs has announced that it will be completely vegan by the end of 2021! 👏
We are happy about this animal-friendly decision. ❤
Do you also stand up for people, animals and the environment and choose vegan shoes in the future. 🙌

PETA Germany

And I mean…“Nowhere is the lack of sustainability in the shoe industry more evident than in leather production”.

This quote is from the book “Foot Work. What your shoes are doing to the world ” by Tansy E. Hoskins.

According to Hoskins, around 24.2 billion shoes – especially sneakers – are produced each year, the majority of which are made of leather.

One cannot imagine how many animals have their faces marked with a branding iron and the throats cut with a knife in the slaughterhouse.
In her book, Hoskins describes how many cattle are simply sold to the highest bidding slaughterhouse – no matter how far away it is.
We recommend this book.

For the production of leather, animals are transported from Brazil to Turkey, Iran or Lebanon and killed there – including animals from Germany and Austria. During transport, they stand in their own feces and urine for weeks without adequate food and water.
Weakened animals that can no longer stand or walk are forcibly dragged from transporters and, when unloading ships, are even lifted from board with cranes hanging on one leg.

The hides that are processed in the shoe and bag industry today come to a large extent from cattle, but not only. The hides of sheep, horses, goats, pigs and even cats and dogs (from China) are also used.

According to research by the animal welfare organization PETA, the growing leather industry in India is perhaps one of the cruellest in the world.
Here the spectrum ranges from beatings, chillies in the eyes to slaughter with full consciousness amidst dead animals.

Europe is one of the main importers of cheap Indian leather. Even the shoe made in Italy is very likely made from a non-European animal skin.

We are pleased with the decision of the shoe label Crocs, and we hope that many other companies will soon make the same decision.

Anyone who buys leather should be aware that they are supporting this unethical cycle.
Every purchase of leather goods promotes criminal factory farming and the meat industry. And since factory farming is one of the biggest causes of global warming, every leather shoe makes its contribution to climate change.

Animal-free leather alternatives based on apples, cork or polyurethane (PU) are a thorn in the side of the leather industry.
They are now an increasingly popular alternative to animal skins.
Vegan leather is significantly more ecological and, above all, is produced without animal suffering.

vegan eco-shoes NOAH

With the large and varied selection of vegan shoe and bag products that already exist on the market, the topic of previous leather shoe procurement has been shelved.

My best regards to all, Venus

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