Aid for companion animals affected by flooding in Germany.

Aid for companion animals affected by flooding in Germany

29 July 2021 Deutscher Tierschutzbund News

The storms in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and in other regions of Germany such as Saxony and Bavaria are devastating. The flood caused great damage and also hit animal welfare associations, animal shelters and companion animal owners in the affected regions. Our member organisation Deutscher Tierschutzbund put initiatives in place to help victims.

Animal shelters that got off lightly started aid campaigns at short notice and offered other animal shelters and evacuated animal owners to temporarily take in their pets. Many private individuals also offered their support. 

Deutscher Tierschutzbund has put together lists of groups, organisations and other useful information for flood victims and their animals on their website. They also set up a hotline for animal-related emergencies as well as FAQs .

People who find animals on site as well as affected animal owners from the flood crisis areas, whose animals urgently need help, can contact the organisation. Read more at sourceDeutscher Tierschutzbund – Tiere und Menschen in Not

Regards Mark

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