UK: Oi John; For A ‘Small’ Sideliner Can You Open Some Doors For Me ?

Hi all;

This is really for UK residents only, but it will provide an insight into the ‘scratch my back, I scratch yours’ lobbying / open doors issues which happen in politics.

As we (UK) are all aware of, and by now, totally bored with; a lot in the media / press recently about Members of Parliament (MP) having ‘other’ paid ‘work’ in addition to that of being an MP, for which they are paid a basic salary of £81,932.

We personally would often call it being a lobbyist for an organisation or company; the very recent Owen Patterson MP case showing that he was paid in excess (in addition to his MP salary) of £110k to be a ‘consultee’ for 2 organisations.  Very much case of getting money to open the right doors we would say; something which campaign groups do not have the funds to do, or wish to be involved with.

Owen Patterson links for reference:

Owen Paterson quits as MP over lobbying row ‘nightmare’ – BBC News

Owen Paterson: Government faces backlash over new conduct rules plan – BBC News

So here and now, I am supplying UK residents with a few links which will help them determine if ‘their’ MP is being paid for work in addition to than being an MP.  Most people outside of parliament would think and say that being an MP is a full time job in its own right; let alone having more time to earn extra money for undertaking extra duties; but the data provided in the following may show differently.

Today, 9/11/21, we now have additional info relating to one as provided here:

Here below is the main (They work for you) link which allows you to find your own MP and any financial interests associated with them.  I (Mark) have not obtained this info through the back door, through ‘contacts’, lobbyists, or any other secretive routes.  It is information which is available to everyone who has computer access and knows where to look. 

I know where to look and so I want to share the link with you, without me asking for any financial backhanders to do so; a case of simply passing over info so that you can look at your own MP in a little more detail; view them a little differently (?); and maybe ask them some questions if you wish.

Main Link: Find your MP and review their case.


In addition, here below is a link from the BBC which again details additional ‘work’ payments that are being given to some MP’s in addition to their MP salary of £81,932.

No wonder Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) is trying to keep it all quiet and sweep it under the carpet.  Personally, I view it that an MP is an MP, full stop; and should have NO other job or paid work interests.  Some people would skin their grandmother for a few extra quid; and to some, making money is the ‘god’ that they worship.  Fortunately, lots of us ‘normal people’ are not in the same boat; we get by and fight the fights that we feel need actions; without paying for doors to be opened or other favours to get us up the pyramid.

BBC Link:

I hope you find it of use, maybe an eye opener !

Regards Mark

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