USA: Trump Intends To Weaken The Endangered Species Act – Take Action.



Dear Mark,

Extinction is forever. If we lose the polar bear… the manatee… the orca whale… the sage grouse… the bearded sealwe will never get them back.

Yet the Trump administration just announced alarming plans to dramatically weaken the Endangered Species Act — a landmark law with an astonishing 99% success rate that has been a literal lifesaver for hundreds of species on the brink of extinction.


Trump’s plan is a devastating blow for threatened wildlife. They don’t have a voice to fight back — but we do. Right now, the Interior and Commerce Departments are accepting comments from the public on this disastrous plan.

We need your help to mobilize a massive public outcry that will let President Trump, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke know we’re watching them — and we will not stop fighting to protect threatened and endangered species.

TAKE ACTION: Submit an official comment calling on the Trump administration to reverse course and save the Endangered Species Act.

Make no mistake: This is the biggest attack on the Endangered Species Act in decades. The very agencies that are charged with saving imperiled species are trying to gut the law’s bedrock protections. The proposed rollbacks would:

  • Make it more difficult to extend protections to threatened species, delaying lifesaving action until a species’ population is so small it may be challenging or impossible to save
  • Exempt climate change from key parts of the law, making it more difficult to protect the polar bear, the bearded seal, and many other imperiled species that are impacted by the effects of climate change
  • Require economic factors to be analyzed when deciding if a species should be saved
  • Make it easier for companies to build roads, pipelines, mines, and other industrial projects in critical habitat areas that are essential to imperiled species’ survival

The Trump administration is giving its friends in the drilling, mining, and logging industries the green light to destroy fragile wildlife habitats and drive our most threatened species to the brink of extinction, just to bolster corporate polluter profits.

Tell them you won’t stand for it. Submit a comment calling on Secretary Zinke, Secretary Ross, and President Trump to halt their attacks on the Endangered Species Act.

The bald eagle, the humpback whale, and the grizzly bear are just a few of the hundreds of iconic species saved by the ESA. It’s no wonder that an overwhelming majority of Americans support the law and want their elected officials to protect it.

At NRDC, we’ve led the fight to add imperiled animals and plants to the Endangered Species List, and we’ve successfully defended vulnerable wildlife like humpback whales and rusty patched bumble bees in court.

Now, we’re fighting tirelessly to protect the Endangered Species Act itself from the Trump administration’s attacks. And if necessary, we’ll take Trump and his allies to court to save the ESA.

But we can’t do it alone. Please join our fight today by calling on the Trump administration to save the ESA — and the countless species whose lives depend on it — while we still can.

Thank you for standing with us at this critical time.


Rhea Suh
President, NRDC


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