USA: Trump to Change The ESA – Bad News For Animals.



Hi Mark,

It’s been heartbreaking to watch a mother orca push around her dead calf for more than a week off the West Coast. She’s been trying to keep its head above water and, in her grief, is now falling behind her family.

Only 75 of these endangered West Coast orcas are left in existence — a 30-year low. We’ve launched a lawsuit in defense of these beautiful creatures.

Southern Resident killer whales are one of the most endangered species on the planet, but the Trump administration is dragging its feet in granting protection.

These orcas are exactly the kind of species the Endangered Species Act is meant for. They need immediate action to increase their food supply of chinook salmon. Our new lawsuit seeks a protected area for these whales so they have enough food and are spared from vessel noise, motor boat traffic and water pollution.

Now Trump and his right-wing anti-wildlife cronies in Congress are trying to weaken the Act as a gift to big business and industry, who will be able to develop, bulldoze and drill all over the habitat of species struggling to live.

Orcas will vanish. So too will polar bears in the Arctic, where oil and gas companies will pillage polar bear habitat.

Trump, Interior Secretary Zinke and Congress are doing all they can to undercut protections for wildlife. If Trump’s new rules go into effect, and without immediate protection, West Coast orcas and other species will be lost forever.

This is all part of the most severe, dangerous threat to the Endangered Species Act we’ve ever seen. We can’t let these attacks go through.

We need you with us to fight for wildlife, endangered species and the laws they depend on to survive.

Please give to our Trump Resistance Fund today and have your gift doubled.

For the wild,




Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. We’re fighting for endangered species day in, day out. The best way to support that fight is by joining Wild Uprising and starting an automatic monthly donation.



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