August 12th Is World Elephant Day.

world elephant day 1

It’s World Elephant Day!

But…did you know that around 55 African elephants

are killed a day? 

Illegal wildlife trade is destroying some of the world’s

most iconic species including elephants, who are poached

for their tusks, driven by the demand for ivory.

Last year, over 60,000 of you signed our Stop Ivory

Trade petition, successfully calling for a strong ivory

trade ban in the UK. It’s now time to take this to the next level.

Today we’ve launched a new petition to call on global

leaders to stamp out wildlife crime at an important

conference on illegal wildlife trade in London this October.

Will you join our fight to end illegal wildlife trade?

world elephant day 2

Elephant skinning 


Did you know that as well as being killed

for ivory, elephants are also being poached

for their skin?

In Myanmar, Asian elephants of all ages are targeted

by poachers for their skin and other body parts.

The skin is used to make creams, consumed as medicine

and polished into jewellery.

But we’re taking action.

In response to the poaching crisis, WWF-Myanmar has

been working to tackle the poaching, including the

introduction of 220 rangers in 18 different base camps

that has helped to protect elephants.

 petition keyboard
world elephant day 3

The illegal wildlife trade is devastating elephants

worldwide. We need global leaders to take urgent action

to end this terrible illegal trade.

Will you help us?



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