Sri Lanka: If You Like Elephants, Don’t Ride Em ! Extreme Suffering – Video To Watch.

Sri Lanka

peta elephant ride 1

Sri Lanka is a fast-growing holiday hotspot, thanks to its stunning beaches, surf spots, and national parks. But for the country’s captive elephants, this rapid increase in tourism means only more suffering.

Elephants used for tourist rides are typically kept tightly chained and isolated from other elephants. Forced up and down the same busy roads day after day, they’re often worked to exhaustion in the sweltering heat.

watch the video

Watch the video here.

They live in constant fear of the mahout (handler), who controls them using a bullhook – a spe

ar-like instrument with a sharp hook that’s commonly used to strike and injure them.

Until tourists stop paying to ride them, elephants will continue to face exploitation and abuse.

Please share our new video about the cruelty of riding elephants in Sri Lanka with your friends and family – the more people who know about the heartbreaking abuse behind elephant rides, the sooner they’ll end.

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