Live Animal Transport -Right or Wrong ?

Regarding our very recent post re live animals being illegally transported with the EU in extreme heat;  – some people may argue that what we say is incorrect when we talk of regulations not being enforced by the EU.

EoA June 2

Here is the link to the EU Regulation 1/2005 of 22nd December 2004 on the ‘protection’ of animals during transport.   Here you can check out maximum transport temperatures for yourselves.  This is the ‘bible’ document that all animal transporters throughout the EU should be compliant with.

As we declared in our previous post, the EU is NOT enforcing its own regulations regarding the protection of animals during transport.

EOA Turkey 2

We can prove this by showing you some examples of videos made relating to live EU animals being transported to non EU Turkey.  There are graphic scenes; but this is the reality; the reality which Junker, Tusk and Van Goethem do not want you to know about.  They declare that the EU has rules as detailed in the 1/2005 links given above; so why do we raise questions  ?


See for yourself and decide; who is right and who is wrong ?



In the following you can see investigator Margreet –


Necessary to have the fortitude and conscience to end this fowl activity.

Please stay on it with your photos and devotion.

– Thanks Dawn – Regards Mark.

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