Netherlands: ‘Summer Heat’ By Margreet (Eyes on Animals – Amsterdam)


Margreet is a good personal friend to us and an excellent investigator.

Europe has been hit by huge hot weather issues for up to 7 or 8 weeks without rain.  Things have eventually changed and the past week or so has seen the rains return.

During the hot spell across Europe, animals were transported to slaughter regardless of the conditions.  Was the EU really interested in enforcing Reg 1/2005 which states that animals must not be transported above specific temperatures ? – of course not; they are much more concerned with UK Brexit bashing to punish the UK because it dare leave the almighty EU;  – dreaming up everything possible to make it hard for the UK whilst animals across the EU literally bake in the steel livestock trailers taking them to have their throats slit.

We have always had a real gripe with Bernard Van Goethem – one of the key players in animal transport issues and the man with his head in the sand who says ‘I can do nothing’ when presented with clear and obvious animal abuses to EU animals when being transported to Turkey and other such destinations.  Margreet has been deeply involved with the investigations into EU animals being hauled out to non EU Turkey.  Over the years EoA have video recorded and documented all the suffering at the Turkish / EU border – for what ? – the almighty EU to just ignore them and instead worry more about female hairdressers being allowed to wear high heeled shoes at work.

The EU is dying gradually and we really look forward to the day when it takes its final breath.  Self imposed, un elected importants named Junker and Tusk and Van Goethem who talk the talk but in reality, do very little to make the EU a better place.  They cannot even enforce their own EU legislation ! – that shows how bad they are.  But they are really good at UK bashing because it voted to get out of the happy house and go it alone.

This is just the start of the demise of the EU institution.  A no good, non enforceable system of regulations and laws which they in the Commissions hope will blindly lead the ‘normal’ EU citizen to the path of the righteous.  Things will change for the better when this fossil of jokes called the EU is thrown into the unmarked grave with lots of quicklime.

Here below is Margreets own words on a typical transport day in the EU during extreme heat.  Yet another reasons why EU member states need to take back control and stop the abuse.

Summer heat

Margreet 1

If I could write a short newsletter to describe my experience during my two-week inspections of livestock trucks at both collecting stations and slaughterhouses during the recent heatwave? I would, but to make it short and personal I found near on impossible…

Pigs, waiting in the extreme heat…outside slaughterhouses.
Pigs, with little room to find space to lie down without touching the others. This is something that as humans we do when we get too hot and want to cool down, we search for our own space, to avoid physical contact with others.
Pigs, denied access to water because, under EU regulations, water is not obligatory for transport journeys under 8 hours; even during a heatwave of 35C+. You can give water to the pigs, but  you are not legally obliged to, so no one does. While I kept drinking litres of water to remain alert and on my feet, the pigs had nothing.
Pigs, lay there panting and frothing at the mouth, all of them suffering from heat-stress.

Margreet 2

Pigs, waiting for hours on board stationary trucks in extreme temperatures before they were finally unloaded into the slaughterhouse lairage. Ironic that your relief, as a pig transported in a heatwave, is when you can finally be unloaded into the slaughterhouse…

During our inspections we documented evidence on how the Dutch “Heat Protocol for Live Animal Transport” does not work; how it is failing the animals. In that regard, it was a successful investigation, but, for me personally, it was very hard ;  extremely  hard, both physically and mentally. After two weeks of witnessing the suffering, I felt like collapsing. I was sad, angry, frustrated, in shock; a mix of strong emotions. I am, as the English poet Coleridge would say: Sadder and wiser.

Margreet 3

But I take comfort in knowing that, with Eyes on Animals, I have the chance to effectively reduce future suffering. The video footage that we took, of heat stressed pigs, was shown on a number of Dutch TV programmes, including RTL4Omroep Brabant and Hart van Nederland. We will also be meeting with the Dutch Ministry officials and the Dutch Livestock Transport Branche in early September to discuss improvements to the Heat Protocol for Live Animal Transport. And we received some positive news from the manager of one of the slaughterhouses we inspected; he has promised to purchase large fans, to reduce the heat stress experienced by the animals whilst waiting to be unloaded.

I also take comfort with the thought that there will come a time when the rest of humankind will agree that we cannot treat animals this way.

Margreet, Senior Inspector Eyes on Animals


bernard van goethem

Above – EU ‘important’ Bernard van Goethem;

or to put it another way:

eu crisis 2

From Dawn:

Heinous stupid and mean behaviour from these humans to those who don’t look like them.







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