World Animals Day: the bankruptcy of our moral!


Animals are also there on October 4, 2018 to be used.
The KZ-chickens as eggs producers in their wire cages, the turbo cows as dairy machines with 30 liters of udders per day, the mother sows lying in their 0.75 cm cell, the monkeys with the electrodes in the head as sadism objects for laboratory experimenters, the fur animals in electric shock chamber …
Also on this day the suffering does not stop.

Tierversuche an Schwein_n

And if we no longer need these lawless slaves, if we have brutally exploited and abused them, we throw them away as disposable products and get into the bin.

The with acid dehorned calves,
The castrated piglets without anesthesia,
The cows pumped full of antibiotics or cortisone
the laboratory test objects, the circus and zoo inmates, the living skinned fur animals …
Also on this day that’s all standard.

Katze auf Abfallkorb

Little has happened until now, we are still living in the 12th century!
Only that we do not move into the future, but back to the Stone Age.
Like underdeveloped great apes, we swing calf’s legs or pig’s ribs in the air and thank God “for our daily flesh”, for the privilege of killing animals, killing animals, eating animals, no matter how, meat, meat, meat filled with joy our life!
Also, on this day!

Foto mit Fleischteilena

The mentality remained the same, the respect for the fellow creatures sunk. A life is worth nothing. If a human being is worth nothing, an animal life is worth nothing at all.
The quantity and quality of animal exploitation by humans is not immediately obvious. It happens on the distant oceans and behind high slaughterhouse walls with barbed wire, so that the clients, the consumer, does not lose the appetite for meat, fish, milk and eggs.

But a new generation is growing.
The old generation, the generation of our parents, grandparents, all those who a hundred years ago saw the tormenting, killing, exploitation as an unavoidable benefit, because it was supposedly convenient, “natural” for them, a self-evident thing , because it was already ” this was always the case “… this generation will be replaced by a new one.
And many of the young people no longer represent the same moral views of their parents: they make their own decisions, they are informed, they are the adolescent  generation, that rejects the animal`s suffering.
These people need our enlightenment, our information, our actions.

kleines Mädchen mit Schaf

These are our future campaigners for a new moral order in animal rights.
We believe that. And we hope.

My best regards to all, Venus




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