India: Celebrate Saving Lives With Animal Aid Unlimited. Please Donate If You Can.



animal aid unlimited india

David’s Trusting Heart 

He had wedged himself between a motorbike and the wall of someone’s garage, hiding in excruciating pain from a wound in his head that had become a deep hole filled with maggots clear down to the bone. So lucky for him, he had chosen to hide in the home of people who cared, who had our rescue number and who called us to help. We found him panting in stress and confusion and hurried him to Animal Aid’s hospital for treatment. We had to sedate him in order to clean out the wound, but even before we started, his eyes melted us with their trust. What a sweetheart we had on our hands-a gentle older boy whose precious life it was a privilege to save. Meet David today.

Please donate for happy endings.

Cutest little piglet learns to walk again after accident

Dragging his hind legs behind him, Tinku was hit by a car and couldn’t walk. Someone spotted him, and when our rescue team arrived, in terror and confusion he tried to hide in tall grass on the side of the road. He was easy to catch up to though, and we wrapped him in a blanket to cover his eyes to calm him down a bit. Back at the hospital his round black eyes were full of fear. Before rescue, he had never been touched by a person before, but incredibly, he took comfort in being stroked and loved. We found that he had a complete femur fracture and injury to his other hind leg as well that prevented him from being able to stand at all. With 6 weeks of bed rest including cuddles from Kamla and others every day, this determined little boy healed and learned to walk again. Meet Tinku today.

Please donate for rescue and consider adopting a meat-free diet today.

Wounded and staggering in traffic, dog rescued just before collapsing

Staggering and wobbling on a busy road a wounded dog was on the verge of collapsing right in the traffic. When we got up close we saw that he had a wound full of maggots on his neck. We hurried him back to the Animal Aid hospital and sedated him so that we could clean the wound, remove all the maggots, bandage and start him on the road to recovery. Thank goodness we arrived before he collapsed, and what a precious old boy was saved. Meet Marlo today.

Please donate. Because in an emergency, there’s no time to lose.


Celebrate the Care-givers: Radha  


Anyone who notices Radha Gameti‘s show-stopping beauty is quickly distracted from it by being even more impressed by her care for animals. Radha joined Animal Aid 10 years ago and she’s been a main-stay of astounding love every day since. The mange treatment area is her current queendom, but she’s worked wonders from puppies to cattle over the years, rushing here and there to feed, hold fearful animals, organise baths, cleaning kennels, assisting vets and nurses, enticing reluctant eaters with hand-fed morsels…but most impressive is the accompanying ingredient of pure radiant love she adds to her every action. Animal Aid would not be the place of vitality and courage without Radha, whose energy and smile lift the hearts of everyone here. And many of the “everyone”s are recovering animals, who without doubt heal faster because of Radha’s shining light.



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