Argentina: Please Sign The Petition Calling For Action Against Animal Abuse.



Create a prosecutor’s office against animal abuse

Petition created on Oct 12, 2018

I have friends who live in Salta and they told me that they are trying to create a Prosecutor’s Office of Crimes against Animal Abuse. My request is so that this is not only something provincial but it is more national, covering the whole country. Cases of animal abuse go unpunished or the guilty parties receive only a fine and hours of community work, but none are imprisoned.

But the biggest problem I think is when people make complaints about cases of animal abuse, because the police often does not serve the neighbors and they do not receive the complaints because they say they do not have time, or they put any excuse, happened to me in the commissary of my neighborhood when I denounced a neighbor who hit his dog. This makes many people desist from making the complaint and the cases go unpunished. Another serious problem is that many people do not know where to make a report or how to do it.

With a Prosecutor’s Office of Crimes against Animal Abuse these problems would change and the reception of complaints and the investigation of each case would be carried out. I would like you to be able to work together with animal associations.

Thank you.

Created by Antonio Arias
Ingeniero Maschwitz, Argentina

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