40 Pigs Thrown Into the Sea in Animal Transport Horror.

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Bulgaria IS a member state of the European Union.  As such, it is required to adhere to Regulation 1/2005 for the welfare of animals when any livestock is being transported.

This expose shows again that the EU has no control over the transport of live animals; and what’s more, it does not care. Flashy new videos and driver guides etc; which amount to nothing – no changes.  The EU Commission passes the buck of any responsibility back to the member state involved.    The EU just wipe their hands of the situation and turn the other way.   I have experienced this for over 25 years investigating live animal transport within Europe.  Nothing changes despite what the EU thinks. – Mark

Eyewitness: 40 Pigs Thrown Into the Sea in Animal Transport Horror


Dramatic video footage of live-animal transport reveals that pigs suffered and died in the summer heat during a four-day ferry journey.

PETA Germany received the footage, which was shot by an eyewitness on the vessel between 24 and 28 July 2018, showing lorries loaded with pigs being transported by ferry from Bulgaria to Georgia.

So far, it’s not known where the pigs were farmed.

According to the eyewitness, the animals were given no water or food while on board and, because the lorries were in the blazing sun, were subjected to extreme temperatures. Weak pigs were left to suffer, receiving no veterinary care. The eyewitness saw 40 ill or dead pigs being taken from the lorries and thrown into the sea.

PETA Germany is currently unable to report the companies responsible for these animals’ suffering to authorities because it hasn’t received enough information to do so. But the group has written to the Bulgarian and Georgian authorities to inform them of the incident and to call for an investigation.


What You Can Do

Every week, more than a billion live animals worldwide are transported over long distances, often through blazing heat or freezing cold and without food, water, or veterinary care – as if they were nothing more than freight. Their gruelling journeys typically end at an abattoir, where they face a terrifying death. Others end up in pet shop displays or laboratory cages.

The best way to help animals is never to buy them or their body parts for any reason, but we can also help reduce their suffering by taking action now to call for an end to cruel live-animal transport.

PETA Germany is campaigning against long-distance transport to non-EU countries (page in German). And closer to home, PETA UK is asking Ireland to end the live export of cows.


Last year, an estimated 30,000 cows were forced to make long, harrowing journeys from Ireland to Turkey, sometimes in temperatures of up to 41.5 degrees. Exhaustion, dehydration, and death are common during these trips. Ireland plans to export 50,000 cows this year. Contact the country’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine to let him know that live export is incompatible with animal welfare and must come to an end.





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