Bye, bye “Nutella”!


Nutella is a very popular “staple” in households.
However, one man believes that his healthier alternative, which contains 97 percent less sugar and no palm oil, could convince consumers to change brands.

Nutella’s sugar content has risen from 55.9% to 56.3% and its fat content is 30.9%, according to the nutritional chart.
Nutella is therefore a sugar-fat cream.

Did you know that? The biggest producers of chocolate are still Nestlé and Ferrero! By the way, the chocolate is still made by “modern slaves”.
Nestlé has sold its US candy business to Nutella -Maker Ferrero for $ 2.8 billion.

But Ferrero is under pressure since the edible oil is listed as potentially carcinogenic. In Italy, Ferrero launched a major advertising campaign after sales slumped. The advertising machinery is running at full speed because the cash register has to ring. But consumers are increasingly looking for an alternative and say: Bye, bye “Nutella”!

In early January 2017, the Italian confectionery manufacturer Ferrero was fiercely criticized for using palm oil. Ferrero uses palm oil primarily for its popular spread Nutella, as the product will be creamy and easily spreadable. “If we made Nutella without palm oil, we would produce a worse substitute for the real product,” explains Ferrero purchasing manager Vincenzo Tapella on the loud criticism.


Giovanni Ferrero wants, according to Forbes, only one more thing: Ferrero make even bigger. The nerve center of Ferrero is no longer in Italy, but in Luxembourg. Thanks to favorable taxes, the small state is the hub of the global enterprise. In 2017, the company sold candy worth $ 12.5 billion. The family’s private fortune amounts to an estimated $ 31 billion. Alone 21 billion US $ belong to Giovanni, which ranks 47th among the richest people in the world.

Ferrero uses around 185,000 tonnes of palm oil a year!

From land grabbing to murder, from the extinction of many species of animals and especially the orangutans – we have reported several times. Nevertheless, people lubricate Nutella with palm oil on the bread and bring the Ferrero Group two billion euros from the already 20 billion euros, the Ferreo made in the past fiscal year in sales.

palmoel.j und Opfer Affepg

Yet a man from Melbourne believes that his healthier alternative could convince consumers to change brands.

Nuttvia has a very similar name and contains 97 percent less sugar and no palm oil.


Brand inventor Samuel Tew has developed a formula for the product, confident that it will be able to market it in supermarkets in the face of the growing appetite for healthier alternatives.

He admits that it is a lofty ambition to take on such a popular brand as Nutella, but nonetheless, since 2000, Tew has been working to change people’s relationship with sugar, feeling he has a chance.

EDrfinder des Ersatzes NutellaSamuel Tew is the creator of Nuttvia. –


His chocolate spread has been in the supermarkets of Coles for several months and the latest sales figures are promising. With Nuttvia, he was able to make $ 8 million in sales, even though the product has not even been on the market for more than a year. The 2017/18 sales figure is expected to exceed $ 10 million!

He employs 15 people, including a marketing manager in the UK, to enter the global marketplace. Nuttvia and Natvia (an other product of him) are now available in 14 markets around the world, including New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Iran and Singapore.

Comment: I had already decided years ago for a replacement for Nutella, which is vegan.
Now I’m waiting for the Nuttvia.
With it we will all have a clear conscience and less kilos on the scales!!

My best regards to all, Venus

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